EYV Restaurant

Mike is opening a veggie-forward restaurant on the North Side!

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Amount Raised: $47,150
Expected Close Date
November 30, 2022
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Company Description

EYV Restaurant will be a 42-seat neighborhood farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on using as many local farms as possible and products through the state of Pennsylvanian and Eastern Ohio and making vegetables the center of the plate with smaller portions of meat and seafood. The menu will be driven what is available through each season from these farms and what preparation best highlight that item and would excites us if we saw it on a menu. That can range from an intricately composed dish or something whimsical or playful. To compliment the food the restaurant will offer a beverage program matching the standards and creativity of the food, offering craft cocktails and beer, mocktails, and moderately priced wines by the glass and bottle.

Key Deal Facts

Using an all-electric kitchen and induction cookware that earned them a feature in The Sierra Club Magazine about the electrification of commercial kitchens, EYV Restaurant is opening up in the North Side of Pittsburgh!, Owner Mike wants to make vegetables the star of every dish, using high-quality, accessible ingredients, and giving customers fine-dining at an affordable cost., You can invest for as little as $100 and be repaid overtime with interest. Check out your potential earnings in the photos above!

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