How do I Pick a Platform?

How We Select Startups


Less than 2% acceptance rate: we carefully select startups from thousands of applications.

Initial screening

We first look for strong positive signals using the FPTM model: Founders — Product — Traction — Mission


Does this founder have the skills and vision to succeed? We look for dedication, diversity, location, charisma, experience, vision, track record, network, competence, long-term partner, and ability to execute, among other things.


Is the idea (the problem and solution) compelling? What does the execution, quality, attention to detail, and technology look like?


Has there been measurable progress, growth, and social proof? Is the company backed by other notable investors? Did they manage to get good press?


How is this startup going to make an impact on the world?

Due diligence

After we determine that a startup is a good fit, we kick-off the formal due diligence process. We review each startup’s pitch deck, conduct screening calls, and complete independent research to better understand the startup’s business and, if necessary, tap into our networks to help us evaluate the following factors:

Business model How does the startup make or intend to make money? How much can it make? Social impact How big is their impact and how will they fulfill their mission? Market How large or disruptive can this business be? What advantages do they have over their competitors? Technology How is technology used to solve the problem? Is it unique or difficult to replicate? Team Beyond the founders, does the team have the right people in the appropriate roles—including experienced advisors? Fact checking Is the information presented in the pitch true? We verify key facts, contracts, and investments. Terms Is the valuation cap and other terms appropriate given the startup’s current stage and traction? Runway Does the startup have enough runway to survive without the Republic campaign? Are the funding goals reasonable for the startup’s runway? Eligibility Does the startup meet the legal criteria for a regulated crowdfunding offering? We do a thorough financial and legal review, and run background checks on founders and officers. All companies must be U.S.-based.

Final decision

After completing our due diligence, we will decide whether to offer the company the opportunity to raise on Republic.

Once the proper documentation is prepared, the startup will go live on Republic, where we will continue to monitor the campaign and help educate and inform investors.

How do we spot a good opportunity?

Team expertise We have deep knowledge and roots in the venture world and the startup ecosystem. Republic spun out of AngelList—the world’s #1 platform for accredited private company investing—and has since attracted the top talent from companies like NASA, Merrill Lynch, Facebook, Google, Blackrock, CoinList, Goldman Sachs, and others.

Our team’s educational background features some of the world’s best schools, including Harvard Business School, Stanford, Duke, Berkeley, Oxford and Cambridge, and others.

Trusted referrals Much of our deal flow comes recommended by our vast network of partners: venture funds, accelerators, incubators, advisors, angel investors and founders networks.

Republic is an investor in each startup on our platform—we stand behind our companies and consider them partners. We rep them post-fundraise and help with follow-on rounds.