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November 02, 2022
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April 17, 2023
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Company Description

Encore Artistic Solutions has developed a patent-pending process that upcycles discarded paint into premium, high-quality, fine art paint. We are breaking a cycle of waste by building a community dedicated to making sustainability part of their artistic practices. We are currently in-market with our first product, Tomorrow’s Artist™, a premium fine art paint, and we are in the process of developing additional artistic offerings.

Key Deal Facts

We have developed a patent-pending manufacturing process that is able to upcycle a minimum of 60% of discarded paint materials without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Our total attainable market for art paint is valued at $935.80 million (Source).

We have spent years collaborating with the art community to test our product and get it exactly right, and now we are in-market and ready to grow.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jeff WallaceChief Business Development OfficerJeff resides in the Bay Area and works with global startup ecosystems and entrepreneurs. He’s an Adjunct Instructor for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UC Berkeley and co-founder of Silicon Valley in Your Pocket, a global virtual startup accelerator serving 100s of companies across 30+ countries. He is an angel investor with equity positions in 180+ companies and advisor & investor at Berkeley SkyDeck. He is an Executive Board Member for the Rutgers Business School Road to Silicon Valley Program. He worked at Cognizant & Brillio as Global Head for Mobility & UX practices. He is a keynote speaker at global tech & startup events. He holds a BA in Economics / Finance from Rutgers College & an MBA from UC Berkeley.
Jason RossChief Operating OfficerJason resides in Temecula, California. His career started in the technology space with Southland Micro where he led sales initiatives in the memory and chip manufacturing space. Jason's early success in the southern California market led to opportunities to develop new business in Europe. Jason was instrumental in securing business with Apple, Dell and others. Nearly twenty years ago, Jason left corporate sales and launched Quality Network Components, a company created to program and sell network technology to international telecommunications companies. With a strong background in developing inventory controls and process flow, Jason has been instrumental in setting up systems internally to manage Encore’s platform partners. Jason is an investor in Encore.
Steve RossPresidentSteve resides in Laguna Beach, California and has spent over thirty years in primarily early-stage opportunities. His background in coatings and product design have led him into co-founding several companies that created product that mitigated labor and environmental impacts. Steve successfully co-founded and managed OLP, Inc. While running OLP he managed a seven-year product development cycle with a national rollout into John Deere Landscapes and several other national chains which lead the team to a successful acquisition by Headwaters, Inc. The product and processes he designed are still driving revenue and profit while improving the impact on the environment. He has spent nearly eight years testing and developing the “created with Encore” family of products., ,
Amount Raised : $90,920
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