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November 09, 2022
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February 07, 2023
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Company Description

FLOLiO is a multifaceted digital assets ecosystem that empowers NFT traders and creators via asset management, aggregated analytics, web3 marketing mechanisms, and more. The company launched with a free, consumer-focused platform where users can accurately assess their digital asset portfolio, gain valuable industry insights, and make informed trading decisions. FLOLiO is in the pre-revenue stage of development. FLOLiO is combining those consumer learnings with an automated sales & royalty sharing feature that is being packaged to NFT Creators as a unique, web3 Performance Marketing tool.

Key Deal Facts

At a fundamental level, FLOLiO was created to answer the question on every NFT trader’s mind: ‘What do I own and what is it worth?’ Many of FLOLiO’s users have digital assets spread across different blockchains and marketplaces.  The ability to link multiple wallets and utilize three different valuation models allows these users an easily digestible and comprehensible assessment of their entire NFT portfolio.

The global market for NFTs has exploded in recent years, hitting $22B in 2021 (source), and is expanding rapidly as mainstream sports, fashion, music, and entertainment industry brands begin to launch their own offerings within the NFT space (source).

Seeking to be a one-stop shop for all things NFT, FLOLiO has developed a network that brings all aspects of the industry together. Beyond providing advanced valuation data and useful KPIs, the FLOLiO platform includes innovative features for both creators and traders, so that all web3 stakeholders are set up for success.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Christopher NicolauCo-Founder/CEOSales and Marketing background has been deployed in several different businesses in varying industries. Skillful in generating revenue, increasing sales, legal oversight, branding & strategy. Co-Founded a successful telehealth company.
Mikhail ReznikCo-Founder/Head of TechnologyLarge enterprise software technology entrepreneur with Big Four Public Accounting experience. Co-founded an ERP consulting firm implementing Microsoft enterprise solutions. Co-founder of a Hyperledger small business lending & factoring solution with a securitization marketplace. Co-Founded a successful telehealth company. Received an MBA from University of Chicago., Preetham ChandraHead of EngineeringComputer science graduate from NIE (Mysore, India). Worked for IBM for 4 years. Co-founded cutting edge technology consulting firm. Leads various initiatives for tech innovation, product architecture, scalable & reusable product development.
Ovesh DhangaHead of ProductWorked w/ one of the world’s largest automotive companies in R&D function for ~13 years. Co-founded cutting edge technology consulting firm. Highly skilled within business processes, finances and growth strategies. Has been propelling growth in corporate business and operational experience with a genuine enthusiasm for exploring all options to discover new efficiencies.
Jeremy WeberHead of PartnershipsNFT early adopter, business owner with experience in client acquisition, retention and community growth BS, Personal Financial Planning, University of Missouri.
Daniël van de LaakHead of CommunityMultiple years of professional community management. Administrator of the official Rocket League Discord in collaboration with Psyonix and Epic Games. Background in customer service, help desk and technical support under Apple and Quality Contacts. Successful NFT investor.,
Amount Raised : $64,969
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