Butter + Scotch

The owners (Malik Rhasaan and Detric Fox-Quinlan), of Che Butter Jonez are opening a new restaurant!

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Amount Raised: $43,950
Expected Close Date
December 30, 2022
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Company Description

Butter + Scotch will be a full-service restaurant and bar located at 166 Pryor Street, Atlanta GA 30303 serving the S. Downtown area. This will be the second restaurant concept from Owner & Executive Chef, Malik Rhasaan, and Owner & Administrator Detric Fox-Quinlan, with their first being the popular food truck turned brick-n-mortar, Che Butter Jonez. Butter + Scotch will seat 140+ guests, with additional lounge and standing areas available for light grazing. The restaurant will be open to hotel guests, and the general public during all hours of operation. The restaurant will operate 7 days a week Sunday through Saturday, and some major holidays.

Key Deal Facts

Che Butter Jonez, started as a food truck in 2018 in SW Atlanta. After 3.5 years in business, the company opened their first brick and mortar in 2021, once again in their neighborhood of SW Atlanta. Since opening the brick-and-mortar location, Che Butter Jonez has received raved reviews from both local and global publications., After opening in June, they were named #1 Best New Restaurant in Atlanta from September 2021 to December 2021 from Eater Magazine. They were named "One of the Best in Atlanta in 2021", by Atlanta Magazine, and have been covered by the publication in four different issues in the past two years., Time Out Magazine, which is a global magazine, first named them #11 for Best New Restaurants in the World Right Now in September 2021, and then again, at #16 for Best New Restaurants in the World for all of 2021. The company's next endeavor is Butter + Scotch, which will be located in South Downtown Atlanta.

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