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Oxygen-Enhanced Technology for Advanced Wound Healing and Skin Support

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November 11, 2022
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August 29, 2023
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Company Description

EO2 Concepts is an advanced wound healing technology company leveraging continuous diffusion of oxygen (CDO) therapy to commercialize innovative medical modalities. The company’s primary in-market product is OxyGeni, a wearable device designed to heal wounds to complete closure while simultaneously supporting skin and soft tissue restoration, shortening recovery time, reducing pain, and minimizing the formation of scar tissue in the process.

Key Deal Facts

EO2’s CDO therapy system is an enhanced wound care solution that improves patient outcomes when recovering from chronic wounds, skin injuries, or surgeries. It utilizes the continuous delivery of oxygen directly to the tissue, which has been shown to achieve faster healing, reduced pain levels, and overall improved skin health.*

EO2’s addressable market encompasses two multibillion dollar divisions. Globally, the chronic wound care sector is estimated to be worth over $20B,*while the aesthetics and cosmetic surgery industry is valued at $63.4B and expected to exhibit nearly double digit CAGR between now and 2030.*

As an industry innovator, EO2 is focused on continual product testing, research, development, and design, in collaboration with key opinion leaders and medical professionals. Our unique position in an expanding marketplace is secure through 2038, protected by numerous national and international patents, as well as additional patents pending.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

, Mark NiederauerPresident, CEO, Board MemberDr. Niederauer has served as the Company’s Chief Technology Advisor since June of 2008, has served as the Chief Technology and Operating Officer since January of 2010 and became the President and CEO in August of 2021. He has more than 25 years of experience in commercialization, engineering, product development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals medical devices, including regulatory and quality compliance. Dr. Niederauer has worked for Bayer Chemikalien in Leverkusen, Germany, Hoechst Celanese in Corpus Christi, TX, and for OsteoBiologics, Inc. (OBI) in San Antonio, TX, which was the acquired by Smith & Nephew Endoscopy. Dr. Niederauer earned a PhD in Biochemical Engineering, with a focus in Genetics, from Iowa State University. He is also a Fulbright Scholar, earning the equivalent of a Master of Science degree from environmental engineering work at the Universität Stuttgart in Germany. Dr. Niederauer has co-authored numerous articles and presentations and is a co-inventor on multiple patents.
Dave KazynskiExec. VP of Sales and Marketing, Board MemberMr. Kazynski is the President of VGM’s HOMELINK business which is a insurance network contractor for a wide range of various healthcare services for members of VGM’s independent Durable Medical Equipment suppliers. HOMELINK has about 110 different managed care contracts. He served many years as a CFO and COO to a number of proprietary hospitals in IA and MO including a hospital sold to Tenet. Mr. Kazynski has been a member on the Center for Medicare Services DME Program Advisory and Oversight Committee (PAOC) and functioned as the hospital liaison for local Managed Care Plans. Mr. Kazynski graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 1979 with a B.A. in Psychology, and then earned an M.B.A. in Finance in 1981.
Peter SmithChairman of the Board of DirectorsMr Smith served as the Chief Operating Officer of Baxter's Japanese Subsidiary located in Tokyo and later was the President of Baxter's Caremark Division. He founded and led CorSolutions, a disease management company. Subsequently, he also founded and led Medmark, a specialty pharmaceutical distribution business. He currently sits on the Board of four other privately held healthcare companies. Mr Smith received his AB from Princeton University and his MBA from the University of Chicago.
Jim WalshBoard of Directors MemberJim Walsh is board chairman and general counsel of VGM Group, Inc. As an original investor, Jim has been involved with the company since the late Van G. Miller founded it in 1986. Ten years after his initial investment, Jim became VGM’s corporate counsel, a director of all its companies, and a frequent source and consultant to members of VGM-sponsored companies. Jim is also one of three co-trustees who serve as the governing board for VGM’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).
Jim DeYoungBoard MemberMr. DeYoung is founder and a principal of Winston Partners Incorporated, which provides strategic corporate advisory and investor relations services to private and public companies. In addition, Mr. DeYoung is a member of the management of DW Investments, LLC. Mr. DeYoung formerly was a general partner of Resource Ventures L.P. He was responsible for several of the fund’s investments. He served at Baxter International, Inc. in marketing, investor relations, public relations and corporate financial management functions. He is a Trustee of Rush University Medical Center and serves on the Executive, Investment and Information Technology Committees of the Board. Mr. De Young serves on a number of boards in the Chicago area. Mr. DeYoung is a graduate of Washington and Lee University (B.A.) and received his J.D. degree from Northwestern University School of Law.
Justin CypertControllerMr. Cypert served as the company’s Business Manager since 2009 and became the companies Controller in 2014. He has overall responsibility for business financial operations including treasury, budgeting, forecasting and accounting management. Mr. Cypert has over 20 years of experience in a range of professional areas including manufacturing, business process, financial reporting, audit and compliance. Mr. Cypert has worked for Philips Semiconductors, OsteoBiologics and Smith & Nephew Endoscopy. Mr. Cypert earned his Bachelors in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio.
James P. DaleyDirector of OperationsMr. Daley has over 45 years’ experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, manufacturing and product development in the fields of medical devices and aerospace. He oversees the research, design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of products. Mr. Daley also manages all plant operations, including shipping & receiving and facility maintenance. Mr. Daley is a co-inventor on multiple patents.
Cyndi Gilliam, BSN, RN, FACCWSDirector of Clinical AffairsMrs. Gilliam is the Director of Clinical Affairs for EO2. She has worked as an industry Clinical Specialist for the last 10 years, including experience at Kinetic Concepts Inc. Her experience and expertise as a wound care RN has been instrumental in the relationships and educational programs she has built throughout the years. She has excellent contacts across the country within wound care, colorectal surgery, orthopedic, and other specialties. Her passion is integrating her business knowledge with her clinical knowledge to achieve the greatest outcomes for both her patients and clinicians, while achieving success for the company. She is excited to bring her knowledge and skills to help bring EO2 to the forefront of wound care as a standard of care therapy system.
Kate BiasiolliMarketing ManagerMrs. Biasiolli currently holds position as both regional account manager in Texas as well as marketing manager. She has vast experience with in the wound care industry spanning over 15 years. During her tenure at the largest negative pressure wound therapy company, Kinetic Concepts Inc, Mrs. Biasiolli planned, developed and executed customer training throughout the globe while managing her team and million dollar budget. Her honors degree in biology combined with a certificate in adult education provides her a strong background to grasp complex processes and simplify into easy to understand, relatable concepts., Joseph MonosmithQuality Assurance ManagerMr. Monosmith is the Quality Assurance Manager for EO2, with 13 years of experience in the Medical Device field. He has experience in manufacturing, assembly, shipping/receiving, quality control and quality assurance. In the medical device space, he previously worked in manufacturing and quality for the Endoscopy Division of Smith & Nephew. He is dedicated to, and strongly believes in, the innovation that EO2 brings to wound care, as well as, the positive impact to the quality of life for the patient population.
Amount Raised : $836,445
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