Bringing Billions of users to Web3 space through sports fantasy management

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Convertible Note
Technology, Entertainment, Crypto & Blockchain, Financial Services
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Los Angeles , CA

Key Deal Facts

$127B market at the intersection of Sports and Gaming, supercharged by Web3
14 000+ early users from 125 countries, 40% in the US
First-in-class technology of using NFTs as in-game currency, teaming up with Polygon
Built by a team of serial entrepreneurs with a combined ARR of $50M in active companies.
Multiple sports, from NBA to MLB, from Dota to CS:Go. No limits for fans.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Val Maincard CEO5x founder, building a barrier-free environment across industries. Prior to Maincard built a $50M ARR tech company Nextouch. $28M in combined investments raised. The main skill of Val is bringing together the greatest professionals., Igor Borzunov CTOTechnical Lead, a crypto developer from 2020, ex-Head of Web Development at Societe Generale Bank, ex Software Developer at Siemens, a contributor to web3 projects: Goldfinch, Gearbox, Covalent, HOPR, Konstantin Nikitin Backend developerCrypto enthusiast since 2017, solidity developer since 2020, Solana dev-ambassador, c++ experience in high-frequency trading for 3+ years. Studying security audits and zk, Ivan Lomakin AdvisorCryptoLodes founder, Angel Talks Podcast Host & Founder. BDO at Intspirit and Father of 4., Vladimir Gerasimchuk Frontend developerex-xDao, ex-mysterybox frontend developer. Over 5 years of expertise in the Blockchain, Alex Demidenko Head of BAAlex, Business Analyst since 2018, Product Manager since 2021. Experience in Financial, Sales domains. Subject matter expert in LMS. IREB Certified Professional
Amount Raised : $317,850
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