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Podcasting made simple.

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November 16, 2022
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March 16, 2023
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Company Description

The Voca App is a community-focused platform for podcasters, providing simple steps for scheduling, recording, and streaming video and audio content. Podcasters are even able to allow others to pay to be in their series. Run by Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Adam Ragsdale, Voca has been on the market for several months and is focused on becoming a major leader in the creator economy’s growth in podcasting, while also establishing a Web3 roadmap for podcast creators.

Key Deal Facts

Podcasting hasn't been this simple until Voca.*

People can pay you to be in your podcast series.

Voca makes your community more personable.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Adam RagsdaleChief Executive Officer, President, Board Director & Co-FounderWith a background in product, design, team-development, film directing, music, writing, storytelling, management, and computer science, Adam brings a passionate, visionary and creative perspective to the Voca App's approach towards the future of the creator economy, podcasting, and community in Web3.
His favorite book at the moment is Robert Iger's, The Ride of a Lifetime.
Kevin RagsdaleExecutive Advisor, Co-FounderWorks with teams to explore, strategize, develop, and execute the best of breed leadership and development solutions into dynamic markets. Places emphasis on generating real results in teams and professionals, ultimately producing long-term productive growth for clients.
Full-Time Job: Director of Strategic Partnerships with Paradigm Shift, 40 hours a week
Part-Time at Voca: 25 hours a week, Joshua BirdwellSoftware DeveloperJosh Birdwell is YouVersion Software Developer at Life.Church and Kliggit Mobile Software Developer. He graduated from University of Oklahoma with a BS in Computer Science. His passions are educational technology, learning, and entrepreneurship.
Full-Time Job: Software Engineer at Life.Church
Part-Time at Voca: 10 hours per week
Michael HaglundSoftware DeveloperForward thinking, full stack web developer dedicated to build and optimize the performance of user-centered websites and applications leveraging technical, analytical and problem-solving skills.
Full-Time Job: Software Engineer at Life.Church
Part-Time at Voca: 10 hours per week
Joshua DaughertySoftware DeveloperDevOps/Site Reliability Engineer. Passionate about learning new technology and developing highly efficient, scalable, and testable applications that run on the Web, Mobile, or back end (Server). 
Extremely interested in full-stack JavaScript development, as well as ASP.NET MVC. Other interests include DevOps, User Interface design, application state management, entrepreneurship, and management. 
Full-Time Job: Software Engineer at American Fidelity
Part-Time at Voca: 10 hours per week
Caleb KliewerSoftware DeveloperProduces robust, stable, modular, manageable, and adaptable code to meet the dynamic evolving environment of business needs. He enjoys being around people and enjoys working in a team environment. 
His experience includes desktop applications, web applications, mobile apps, data analysis, HMI’s, and micro controllers. 
Full-Time Job: Software Engineer at American Fidelity
Part-Time at Voca: 10 hours per week
Benjamin GagliardiExecutive Creative DirectorBenjamin (Benny) is a videographer, photographer, and Creative Director for one of the fastest growing jewelry companies in the world, JAXXON Jewelry. Prior to that, Benny worked as a freelance videographer, photographer, and skateboarder working with clients like Shaun White, Sofia Carson, and Hailee Steinfeld to name a few.
Full-Time Job: Creative Director at Jaxxon Jewelry
Part-Time at Voca: 10 hours a week
Yenni VanceGeneral/Marketing AdvisorYenni began her career at Telesat, Colombia’s largest Internet provider, before moving to the United States and founding, a travel site which was the first social network to offer a multilingual chat feature.
Full-Time Job: Digital Communications And Social Media Director at Remington Park / Lone Star Park at Global Gaming Solutions
Part-Time at Voca: 5 hours per week
Greg StarlingTechnical AdvisorGreg is a technologist who for 20+ years has been designing products, managing processes, writing on and speaking about entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies. Greg has been featured in prominent technology publications such as Mashable, Inc., and Wired.
Full-Time Job: Head Of Strategic Partnerships at Tailwind
Part-Time at Voca: 1 hour per week
Davey SmidtMarketing AdvisorWith 15+ years experience in the industry, Davey has deep knowledge in the Lifestyle and Sports Marketing realm. Starting with Monster Energy and now being the Head of Global Athlete Marketing at GoPro, Davey leads global marketing teams and manages Olympic level athletes. 
Full-Time Job: Head of Global Athlete Marketing at GoPro
Part-Time at Voca: 1 hour per week
Derek StoneburgFinancial AdvisorAs the CFO of LINK Group, Inc. since 2013, Derek brings 25+ years of leadership experience within large privately held companies along with fortune 100 & 500 companies. Derek has extensive experience in global acquisitions and building ground up global subsidiaries.
Full-Time Job: Chief Financial Officer at LINK Group, Inc.
Part-Time at Voca: 1 hour per week
Tiffany EverettPurpose/Marketing AdvisorTiffany is an accomplished professional in program development and strategic communications with 10+ years of experience in cross-sector partnerships, PR and communications, nonprofit organizational design, change management, refugee resettlement and child welfare.
Full-Time Job: Vice President of Development at For The Children
Part-Time at Voca: 1 hour per week

Terry McKeeverLegal AdvisorTerry is a licensed and practicing attorney. He is licensed in state and federal courts in Oklahoma and federal appellate courts around the country. His practice includes business disputes, contracts, and litigation.
Full-Time Job: Attorney at Foshee and Yaffe
Part-Time at Voca: 5 hours per week,
Amount Raised : $10,355
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