The Hot Dog Box

The Hot Dog Box was born when the iconic father-daughter duo, Bobby and Brooklyn started making fun food creations while they were stuck inside during the pandemic. From cookies to brownies to hot dogs, we took classic foods and thought outside of the box.

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Amount Raised: $2,750
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December 09, 2022
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Company Description

It all started as a father & daughter duo. Bobby and Brooklyn started making fun food creations while they were stuck inside during the pandemic. From home-style ice cream to fudgy brownies to elevated hot dogs, we were bringing a unique twist to classic foods.​Our creations are a way for the family to bond and come together over food and good times. Although we were always thinking outside the box, ironically we decided to open our own next-level hot dog stand in a shipping container, and call it The Hot Dog Box.We wanted to do something different. Why has the hot dog never received the same glory that other American classics have had? The hot dog is truly the underdog and that resonated with Bobby aka MacDog.MacDog is here to change that.​ We took an American classic, made it with steak and put a creative twist on it.We are standing out by bringing an elevated hot dog to a backyard experience. Our restaurants are not just a place to enjoy good food but to have fun and build memories with your family and friends.From the bumping music to the games and movies on the tv to karaoke to the employees smiling and dancing along while serving you the best hot dogs that you have ever had, its sure to be a good time when you visit The Hot Dog Box.Our signature steak hot dogs are made with high-quality ingredients and topped with creative toppings such as fried onions, sweet pickles, truffle peanut butter, hickory smoked bacon, blue cheese crumble, Bourbon BBQ sauce, Oreos, Cereal, and more.​From humble beginnings at our shipping container at Boxville in Bronzeville Chicago to our first location in the Six Corners of Chicago to shipping our hot dogs nationally, we are sharing the love and what it means to grow a family business out of the pandemic.We are inviting you along for the journey to becoming a road dog, spreading the good vibes, and sharing in the success of The Hot Dog Box!​

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