LOANHOOD circulating fashion for a more sustainable fashion future.

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Retail, Fashion & Accessories, Technology
London, United Kingdom
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Company Description

At LOANHOOD we are changing the way fashion is done from the ground up, starting with the clothes already in our wardrobes.

We understand that the fashion industry has a huge impact on people and the planet. We know something needs to change but it is unrealistic to expect the younger generation to stop loving fashion.

Enter LOANHOOD. Through rental you get to experience clothes and accessories at a fraction of the retail price and make money from the items you already own.

On our app, you can easily discover and rent from amazing wardrobes like mine and yours as well as indie brands, vintage collectors and emerging designers — LOANHOOD is fast becoming a launchpad and destination for young talent to build their brand and be part of the circular economy.
We have built a community of fashion enthusiasts who want to circulate their clothes for a more sustainable fashion future.

Join us in our mission to disrupt the fashion system.

Monetisation strategy
We are a two sided marketplace, operating on a commission based model, all at the point of transaction. We pass back 85% of the revenues to the person who owns the clothes, the Loaner, and take a 15% commission to fuel LOANHOOD.

On the flip side we charge the Borrower a £1 flat fee to rent the item.

Our secondary revenue comes from clothes swaps for which we have held a 2 year contract with Hackney Council which is to be renewed for another year. As well as hosting sustainable fashion events with key partners such as Hubbub, Rooftop Film Club, Matches Fashion and Royal Borough of Kensington Council.

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Officially launched our marketplace app on iOS and Android, Seen in Harpers Bazaar, Stylist Mag, BBC, ITV News, 80 + emerging designers renting out their collections, Doubled our user base since launch
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