Metaiye Knights

Metaiye Knights

Changing Storytelling Through Blockchain

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Film & Video, Technology
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Offering Date
October 24, 2019
Expected Close Date
April 08, 2022
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Deal Notes

Security Name: Common Stock

$5.00 per share


Company Description

Metaiye Knights is a graphic novel and gaming saga on the rise of a decentralized freedom movement across digital and physical realms. Think the Matrix, meets Tron meets Mr Robot in comic, gaming and film formats for the mixed reality, crypto generation.


Early Bird
First 72 hours - 10% bonus shares
Next 5 days - 5% bonus shares

$150 | Welcome Tier | Digital copy of Pilot Season 1 Unique Personal "Owners" Avatar and Personalized Wallet.
$500 | Upgrade Package | Digital and Paperback edition of Pilot Season (Season 0) + Metaiye Knights T-shirt
$1,000 | Super Fans Package | Limited collectible digital and paperback edition of Pilot Season (Season 0) of the saga with unique serial number.
$2,000 | Limited Edition Tier | Limited collectible digital and hardback print edition of Pilot Season (Season 0) of the saga with unique serial number signed by the author.
$5,000 | Moviestar Tier | Cameo appearance for your avatar as an extra (with no lines) in an episode of Season 1 of the Saga x 20
$10,000+ | 5% Bonus + Cameo Role | 5% bonus shares + Cameo role for your avatar (with minimal lines) in an episode of Season 1 of the Saga
$20,000+ | 10% Bonus + Hero's Tier | 10% bonus shares + Cameo role for your avatar as a villain (or hero) in upcoming season.
*All perks occur after the offering is completed.

Key Deal Facts

Comic industry is rapidly growing, already generating revenues $1.095bn in the US and Canada alone in 2018
Led by a world team and advisors like Brittany Kaiser, the whistleblower in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Karen Hunter, Pulitzer prize winner and Sirius XM exec and David Chaum, the forefather of cryptography
Partners already include Comic Republic, the Open Index Protocol, and the Internet Foundation

Use of Proceeds

Marketing, Research & Development, Company Development, Operations, Working Capital, Inventory, Build and Development, StartEngine Platform Fees

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dele Atanda
Founder, CEO and Director
Innovator, Entrepreneur &; Future Hacker. Dele is a serial entrepreneur and acclaimed digital visionary. He leads Metai Knights Media, metaMe and The Internet.Foundation as CEO. He previously led innovations for Fortune 100s that became gold standards in their sectors and IBM’s Auto, Aerospace and Defense sector as Chief Digital Officer. He has been a pioneering voice on the emergence of web 3.0 tech, notably with his critically acclaimed book The Digitterian Tsunami: Web 3.0 and the Rise of the N.E.O Citizen published in 2013. He is an advocate of the potential of decentralization to advance humanity and dramatically transform society. metaMe Inc is his primary employment and he spends 20 hours a week working for the issuer, Metaiye Knights.

Brittany Kaiser
Brittany was the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and the central character of Netflix The Great Hack documentary. Brittany currentl is a Data Activist, Co-Founder of the Digital Assets Trade Association and founder of #OwnYourData.

Karen Hunter
Karen is host of The Karen Hunter Show on SiriusXM and is Head of Talk Programming for Urban View. Karen is a Politzer prize winning journalist, best selling author, publisher, distinguished lecturer and Professor in FIlm & Media at the Hiunter College in New York.

Nick Rosa
Nick is Chair of the Immersive Technologies Council of the British Interactive Media Association and Global Head of Immersive Learning at Accenture. Nick has led complex digital solutions across mobile, immersive media, broadcasting and digital entertainment sectors for over 15 years specializing in XR (VR/AR) .

Susan Oh
Susan Chairs AI for Impact and is a board member of the UNʼs Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development. She won The Quantum Impact Award #DecadeofWomen, is an AAJA Knight-Poynter Fellow and was awarded the 1997 Overseas Press Club Award for the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese reporting.

Peter Bidewell
Marketing Manager
Peter leads Accenture's Blockchain practice helping Fortune 100 clients realise strategic implementations of blockchain solutions fit for enterprise scale. He has grown companies across Fintech, Entertainment and Edtech globally and is currently CMO for MKM's technical partners - metaMe and The internet Foundation. the issuer 10 hours a week.

Shyam Duraiswami
Technology Manager
Shyam is metyai Knights Media's Technical lead with over a decade of experience with leading edge technologies, systems and digital operations. His experience spans sports, automotive and media. Shyam regularly works with startups and research teams on developing products and business models that leverage the web 3.0 architecture and is a public speaker on Blockchain ecosystems.

Michael Holstein
Chief Revenue Officer and CFO
Michael has managed sales for SaaS and marketing tech businesses for 15+ years. His team successfully exited Lava Tech in a sale to Citi Bank for $350M. Since Michael has worked as CRO to blockchain projects and is seasoned in building strong sales teams and a pipeline of enterprise customers.
Michael's primary job is metaMe Inc and he spends 10 hours a week working for the issuer, Metaiye Knights.

Chris Pallé
Head of Product
Chris has over 20 years of creative and UX leadership from start-ups and Fortune 500s. A recognized thought leader, Chris has lectured on UX best practices, Strategic Design, and Marketing to MediaBistro, General Assembly, NYU, and others. Chris specializes in Strategic Venture Design, UX, Design Research, Usability research, Information Architecture and Content Strategy. This is his primary job and works with the issuer 10 hours a week.

Deal Notes

Security Name: Common Stock

$5.00 per share

Amount Raised : $1,070,050
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