Profit Property 946 MLK

Profit Property 946 MLK

Become a real estate investor & own a piece of an apartment building in Indiana

Security Type
Min Investment
Las Vegas, NV
Offering Date
January 01, 0001
Expected Close Date
November 21, 2019
Target Raise
Deal Notes

$100.00 per share

Company Description

For as little as $100 you can become an equity investor in Profit Property USA 946 MLK LLC (“Profit Property 946”) and its interest in the acquisition of multi-family apartments. As an investor, you are entitled to your share of profits that the property generates from apartment rentals and have the opportunity to receive additional funds when the property is sold.

Key Deal Facts

Team with a proven track record — our founders and board of advisors draw on a combined 40+ years and over $1 billion of real estate investing experience
In partnership with nationally recognized real estate development and property management company, Birge & Held, which has acquired over $1 billion worth of real estate since 2014 and was the recipient of MMC Management Company of the Year in 2018.
The 946 MLK property has 20 units, with a unique mix of floor plans. It consists of small units ideal for single occupants AND large units great for roommate situations.
Located in Indianapolis on the Campus of Indianapolis-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI), the 946 MLK property provides walkability, not only to the buildings of IUPUI, but also the incredible perks of living downtown.
We intend for our investors to be the sole equity investors in this opportunity, which includes voting rights with respect to the Manager.
Investors in the campaign must be U.S. citizens with a valid U.S. bank account. All investors will be required to submit a W-9 before their investment is finalized.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Zak Laikin
Zak has over 10 years of real estate experience and has been involved in a multitude of transactions in both commercial and residential properties valued at over $1B (asset cost including his family office).

Deal Notes

$100.00 per share

Amount Raised : $11,000
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