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May 03, 2023
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PlayG360 (“G360”) is a patent-pending pre-revenue social media platform providing non-professional athletes with “name, image, and likeness (NIL)” exposure to help build their careers by creating and promoting real-time stats. The company submitted a utility patent and plans for the app to go live by 2023/24.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Phil GossFounder/CEOPhil Goss is a visionary entrepreneur and business executive with demonstrated experience in leadership, corporate communications, and event management. He has a proven track record of driving results, managing multiple projects with competing deadlines, collaborating on and leading initiatives, and working toward shared objectives.  
Unique to Phil is his demonstrated ability to transfer skills like people management, persuasive communication, motivation, adaptability, and creative problem-solving from a successful sports career directly into the business world. His experience throughout a career spanning 15 years as a professional basketball coach and player helped him navigate life and get to the point where he was ready for his next challenge. 
By the end of his career, Phil was putting the pieces in place to become a successful and forward-thinking business executive and entrepreneur, to set an example not only for what he did on the court but also for what he will accomplish in the future off the court. Phil founded G360 in January 2020, a social media app. It aims to empower current or future professional athletes by expanding their network, increasing their visibility and discovery opportunities while offering more access to previously inaccessible resources. 
The ultimate goal is to give them the tools to advance their careers and data accessibility to monitor their growth and market their skill sets to core sports stakeholders. Phil has built and continues to develop a multi-disciplinary team including, a NIL lead, two advisors, a strategist, and an in-house legal team.
Before becoming the CEO and founder of G360, Phil played basketball, winning multiple accolades as a point guard and shooting guard across a career spanning the Netherlands, Turkish, French, Greek, Italian basketball leagues before moving to Europe and recently served as an Assistant Coach of Capital City GO-GO. 
His playing and coaching career has enabled him to build relationships with people from all cultures and at all levels of an organization. Phil has a bachelor degree in Business/Corporate Communications from Drexel University. In his spare time, he loves reading about emerging technology and science, while spending time with his family., Justin ReavesStrategic Advisor Justin G. Reaves is a strategic financial and operational leader with over 18 years of experience leading and partnering with clients, internal departments, Board of Directors and senior management to develop strategies and implement solutions focused towards driving growth and achieving performance goals. Mr. Reaves brings a wealth of progressive experience in corporate finance, investment banking, M&A, consulting, process analysis, strategy development, accounting and operational excellence.

Cory AronovitzLead In-House Counsel Cory Aronovitz concentrates in the area of gaming law. He has extensive experience representing the video gaming industry including terminal operators and establishments including bars, taverns, fraternal clubs, veterans clubs and truck stops. Since 2010, Cory has been named one of America’s best gaming attorneys and featured in the Chicago Tribune as one of Chicago’s best gaming attorneys.

Dr.Ahmad GloverAdvisor Dr. Ahmad Glover is CEO and founder of WiGL, Inc., and inventor of WiGL technologies. He has helped a number of startups navigate the world of online capital raising. Having raised nearly $10M under the Jobs Act, Dr. Ahmad has been dubbed the “King of Online Capital Raising”. 

Ryan Richman Advisor Ryan Richman became an Assistant Coach for the Washington Wizards. Coach Richman was born in West Hartford, Connecticut and graduated from the University of Maryland. He then worked as a graduate assistant at Maryland under Head Coach Mark Turgeon, where he assisted in day-to-day basketball operations.

Mr. Ahmad Glover IIAthlete Innovations Mr. Glover is a student athlete. He is currently a varsity basketball player for IMG Academy. As G360’s Chief Athlete Outreach, he brings a unique perspective for the clients G360 is actively recruiting.
Dr. Eric ElsonStrategic AdvisorDr. E has invested his life as a servant leader to innovate, inspire and motivate youth and young adults on a local and national platform. With over 20 years of experience as an educational practitioner, facilitator, thought leader, community engagement/developer that has extensive experience being a "Change Agent". He received the CFF 40 under 40 Award and selected to participate in the Leadership Anne Arundel Flagship program, served as a LAA Board of Directors and currently a board member for Maryland Cultural & Conference Center (MC3) & Wiley H. Bates Legacy Center. Eric is also avid sports fan and currently works as G360’s advisor to two former NBA players (Johnny O'bryant of the Charlotte Hornets and Cleanthony Early of the New York Knicks).
Joe Connelly Advisor Joe Connelly a Baltimore, Maryland native and Director of Scouting for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I have a passion for both basketball and giving back to my community. I have decades of experience in the basketball industry and community involvement that makes me a valuable asset to any organization. Whether it's on the court or in the community I strive to make a difference and inspire others to do the same.
Pops Mensah-Bonsu Advisor President of G-League Operations for the New York Knicks
President of Seed Academy Ghana, Non Profit providing developmental opportunities for the next generation of basketball leaders Africa
Retired NBA Player
George Washington University Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2019
Retired professional basketball player with 10 years experience. 4 seasons playing in NBA and 6 playing in Europe.
To use my wealth of experience, acquired from playing professional basketball in the NBA and internationally to provide transitional resources on and off the court to assist players in being well-rounded successful athletes and members of society
Dedicated, driven, and accomplished former basketball player with extensive experience working in a variety of settings and cultures. Good interpersonal skills, capable of problem solving and resolving multiple issues (chemistry, acclamation) and motivating teammates to peak performance. Developed valuable leadership skills that are transferable in the corporate world from being in a collaborative team environment. My background in psychology will help me to communicate and relate to a wide range of personalities.

Ashley HowardAdvisor I’ve had the fortune of being a product of a lifetime's worth of experience in the game of basketball. Growing up in a basketball family I learned early in life that the game of basketball can take you many places and create opportunities and experiences that will last a lifetime. As a former athlete I experienced the triumphs and heartbreak that come along with investing everything into perfecting your craft and then one day being faced with the reality that the ball eventually will stop bouncing.
My ultimate goal is to provide a transformational experience for our student athletes and help them achieve their academic, athletic and social aspirations. In today’s world we need more leaders now than ever. I am committed to cultivating our next generation of leaders and using the game of basketball to move the needle.
Amount Raised : $15,956
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