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May 05, 2023
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August 17, 2023
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ZakiBox makes patented advanced products for organizing, storage and carriage for homes and businesses. that is light, strong and foldable.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Samir MorcosCEO & Founder | Aerospace EngineerSam Zaki Morcos was born in Cairo, Egypt where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to study in Denmark, where he received his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and learned to fluently speak and study in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.
In 1975, Sam immigrated to the United States. He began working in the aerospace industry for Boeing as a manager in the Space and Communications Department. When he worked for Boeing, Sam held top secret security clearance. He also played an instrumental role in the design of the Space Shuttles program. He has also done extensive work on various communication and military satellite programs. Sam proudly became a U.S. Citizen in 1979.
Mr. Morcos has several inventions and is the holder of the patent of Zakibox technology., Ari Marcos (Part-Time)Advisor & ResearchAri is a staff research scientist at Meta AI Research (FAIR Team) in Menlo Park working on understanding the mechanisms underlying neural network computation and function, and using these insights to build machine learning systems more intelligently. Most recently, his work has focused on understanding properties of data and how these properties lead to desirable and useful representations. He has worked on a variety of topics, including self-supervised learning, the lottery ticket hypothesis, the mechanisms underlying common regularizes, and the properties predictive of generalization, as well as methods to compare representations across networks, the role of single units in computation, and on strategies to measure abstraction in neural network representations. Previously, Ari worked at DeepMind in London. Ari Morcos is the son of the inventor Sam Zaki Morcos.
Ari works 1 hour per week on ZakiBox. 
Larry BrownMechanical EngineerLarry is an excellent industrial engineer specialist in SOLIDWORKS software, he is primarily responsible for all detail and assembly drawings. Larry has over 25 years of engineering and new product development experience, Larry has worked with major Brands to assist in getting their products to market. Companies such as Mattel Toys, Burton Medical Products, Arelli Alloy Wheels and JBL Industries have benefited from Larry’s engineering savvy and Creative Industrial Design. From design, engineering, to marketing, projections and forecasting production with overseas suppliers, Larry truly gets the “big picture” in what it takes to successfully get a great selling product to market.
Larry works 1 hour per week on ZakiBox. 
Daniel GreenbaumLegal AdvisorAttorney Daniel N. Greenbaum is committed to using the law to ensure that people, especially vulnerable populations, are not harmed by the misconduct of powerful corporations and unscrupulous individuals. With these goals in mind, he formed the Greenbaum Law Firm in 2014, focusing his practice primarily on public interest litigation. Since that time, he has investigated thousands of consumer products. Daniel has brought actions on behalf of his clients that have resulted in the removal of multitudes of chemicals from various consumer products, including shampoos and liquid soaps, sunscreens and other lotions containing sunscreen, metal polish, tiles, soft plastics, and, most recently, adult novelties. In the past two years, he has introduced personal injury and commercial collections into his practice.
Daniel works 1 hour per week on ZakiBox.
Robin LeeBusiness AdvisorRobin helps lead the company’s sales department to meet revenue and sales growth targets. Their primary objective is to close deals, which means they are involved in everything from sales team training and development to daily operations, to customer relationship management (CRM). Filling the CSO position is more complicated than simply promoting your top-performing salesperson. The right candidate will be good at sales but will also be a savvy businessperson who can navigate complexities within the organization and market to drive results for your bottom line.
Robin works 2 hours per week on ZakiBox.
Amount Raised : $4,489
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