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Click the Pledge Now button to indicate your interest to invest. You'll be notified when an opporutnity to fund your Pledge becomes available. Middletwin is the premiere platform for enthusiast groups to manage their members, events, and communications. Problem Enthusiast group administrators need software that can easily manage their group as a whole, provide a great member experience, and be easily transferred to new leaders. I am the director of a local car club and we had this need, this is why I developed the platform. We have been using it for over a decade now and it has helped to manage our club and our events. Competition 3 top competitors are Membership Works, Join It, and Wild Apricot. Their solutions solve parts of the problem, but are not a true complete all in one solution like Middletwin. Opportunity 53000 enthusiast groups in US, small and medium sized business represent additional opportunity. Initial execution will focus on enthusiast groups. Growth Plan Focused Google Adwords and facebook ads, email marketing, direct mail marketing to web development firms that create marketing web sites for enthusiast groups. Our Solution The Middletwin platform provides Group Administrators with a portal to manage membership, events (registration and ticket sales), communication (email, phone, video), file sharing, and merchandise sales. The platform provides members of groups with a dedicated portal to engage with other members, buy merchandise, register for events, purchase tickets, and manage their membership. It brings together what traditionally has been accomplished using multiple systems, is documented with a knowledge base, and has a support team. Business Model Monthly subscription revenue and add-on revenue. Average customer generates $50/month in revenue. Traction With no marketing, only word of mouth, over the last year we have 5 customers that are bringing in $5k in annual revenue and combined have over $20k in annual sales. Customer Validation The Midwest Mopars car club has been using the platform for over a decade now and it has become an integrated and necessary part of the annual car show, in fact it allowed the show to grow from a small local show to a national show. Previous Funding 100% owner funded, this is the first time raising capital. Team Wade Girard - Owner and developer. This is Wade's 4th startup, the last company that Wade started is on track to earning 1.7m this year in revenue. Wade has over 30 years of developing software and working in startups as well as fortune 50 companies. Wade is also the director of a local car club with over 450 members and that hosts a national car show. Wade has experience in building and managing teams and will build the rest of the team necessary to execute on the marketing plan. Use of Funds At Minimum Amount Raised Sales and marketing - Google Adwords, Facebook ads, email and direct mail marketing to website contractors that create marketing websites for groups. Marketing website re-design as this is the primary sales tool (customers can setup their own accounts from the web site).  At Target Amount Raised In addition to minimum, higher spending on online advertising, hiring a contract user experience designer to review and provide wireframes on user experience enhancements to improve the portals and mobile apps. At Maximum Amount Raised In addition to the target, hire a contract sales person to do direct to club and business sales, cold calling, implement Middletwin for business marketing and spend on marketing to promote Middletwin as a tool for small to medium sized business. Anticipated Break-Even 2025 Return On Investment Profit distributions beginning in 2025, we will seek strategic acquisition partner after 2025 with a goal of a sale by 2027. Disclosure: this page represents Testing The Waters materials. No funds or other consideration is being solicited, and if money is sent, it will not be accepted by the company;  No sales will be performed or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statement is qualified; and A proposed purchaser’s indication of interest is non-binding.

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