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The Next Evolution in Lighting
ProTecht Lighting: Practical Air Safety Through Blue Halo™ Germicidal UV Lighting
ProTecht Lighting is the exclusive retail distributor of Blue Halo™ Lighting products– a cutting-edge lighting manufacturer that has pioneered a completely unique set of lighting solutions that come with their own enhanced airborne pathogen defense systems capable of inactivating and killing 99.9% airborne pathogens.
We believe this is the kind of innovation the world desperately needs right now and for the future.
Destroying Airborne Pathogens 24/7
When the lighting in a space is upgraded to Blue Halo™ product solutions, flipping a light switch is literally all that is needed to go on the offense against airborne pathogens. While the science behind germicidal UV has been established for some time, Blue Halo's implementation is completely unique (and patented).
Blue Halo™: A New Industry Standard
The beauty of Blue Halo™ is that the air treatment is embedded into a space's lighting. It's quiet, effective, and practical, taking up no additional space unlike anything else in the market. Any air that gets circulated through a Blue Halo™ product will be at least 99.9% disinfected.
The Big Impact of this Innovation
Whether it’s a school, an office, a home, or an assisted living facility, we anticipate that justifying a standard lighting option will soon become difficult given how impactful GUV lighting is and how easy it is to switch over. Once the consumer is educated, we expect there will be serious consideration to make the switch, especially where we can increase safety for those most at risk.
GUV Lighting is The New Cost of Staying Competitive
As adoption increases for Blue Halo™ air disinfection, this will undoubtedly be something a business would want to broadcast. We see this causing a ripple effect in the market where installing Blue Halo™ GUV lighting will be the cost of staying competitive, especially for spaces and environments where this will make the greatest impact (hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, restaurants, new home construction, etc).

Air Safety is Now a Universal Concern
New Problems Shouldn't Get Old Solutions
Since the pandemic, the topic of disease transmission is now of paramount concern for the public and air quality and safety is one of the most significant aspects of this. Consumers have traditionally reached for air purifiers to improve air quality, and while these products may be able to trap particulates and pathogens, they haven't destroyed these pathogens, which still leaves open the possibility that others could be infected if these pathogens were to escape the filter.
There's a clear need for increased air safety and Blue Halo™ provides the most direct and practical approach to meet it.
Blue Halo™: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Both
Regarding the public's renewed concerns of airborne pathogens, Blue Halo™ products are truly in a class of their own as they offer products that are both a high quality LED lighting solution and a system for effectively and quietly disinfecting the air in a space, as opposed to purifying or filtering.
Today, the consumer has a much stronger ambition towards air safety, and Blue Halo™ products are uniquely qualified to meet this need– directly, through disinfection, and practically, through a common lighting implementation. Suddenly, any place a light can be installed is an opportunity for increased air safety, transforming lighting options into "upper room" GUV disinfection systems.
Harvard Medical says that:

“In contrast to mechanical ventilation and room air cleaners, upper room GUV air disinfection with good air mixing has been shown under real-life conditions to produce the equivalent of adding as much as 24 room air changes per hour quietly, safely and sustainably.”

In stark contrast...
Attempting to achieve the same results with an air purifying solution is arguably not even possible, but if attempted, it might require the consumer to purchase and scatter multiple floor units throughout their living space in order to achieve the recommended air changes per hour, not to mention, they'd have to live in the constant noise produced by the units.
Lastly, air purifiers can take up living space and require maintenance, but even after all of that, any pathogens trapped in a filter would still remain active which means that, if made airborne again, they could still infect others....This is no longer a viable or practical solution for the future of air safety.
Blue Halo™ is primed and ready to make a big impact
The Public Has Never Been More Ready
The disinfection capability of UV-C has been understood for decades, but the pandemic demonstrated that it wasn’t enough just to know about it. We needed a practical application. Blue Halo™ just made air disinfection practically available to any modern consumer.

Our Competition: We're in the Lead!
As mentioned, Blue Halo™ is a unique amalgamation of technology and innovation and has a patented implementation for delivering lighting and GUV air disinfection.
While Blue Halo™ manufactures a variety of products, its SilentAire product line does not have any competition at this time (!). It’s unique and has no direct comparisons in the market. Our focus will be on these subset of products for the immediate future.
The Revenue Opportunity
The lighting industry in the U.S. currently makes up 118 billion dollars. If for a moment we focus on the residential market, we can start with the fact that there are roughly 142 million homes in the U.S. Our products range between 80 and 140% profit margins and we’re estimating that the average residential consumer will spend between 800 and 2500 dollars. It’s typical to have 1 recessed light per every 4-6 feet which is in part how we’ve estimated the above range.
Our Plan is Consumer Education
Blue Halo™ introduces something completely new to the lighting industry. When given the option between a standard lighting option or an equivalent lighting option that could also save your life, we think that the choice is clear. We truly believe that the only thing that stands between us taking our share of the market is consumer education and marketing.

Our Solution is Practically Available
As previously mentioned, Blue Halo™ is the first ultra practical and readily available offering of air disinfection that is within arms reach of the average consumer. Its implementation gives it a much higher impact potential with regards to demonstrable increases in air safety.
How We Make Money
ProTecht Lighting is a distributor that sells Blue Halo™ lighting products in 2 ways. 

Via an ecommerce platform on which is open to the general public
Via commercial contracts with larger entities that require much larger quantities and have ongoing lighting needs.

Our Biggest Advantages
ProTecht Lighting has been fielding many questions from the general public about Blue Halo™ products. We’ve seen an increased interest from commercial and residential consumers and expect that with targeted marketing, it’s only a matter of time before Blue Halo™ is a nationally recognized lighting solution.

ProTecht Lighting has exclusivity in the retail distribution of Blue Halo™ products.
Blue Halo™ is in a league of its own with patented products that have no direct competitors.
Blue Halo™ is FDA and EPA approved

Real-World Testimonials
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The Capital We've Raised
ProTecht Lighting is actively raising capital for its initial purchase of inventory. Prior to this, we’ve managed to build our ecommerce site and organize a team without the need for capital.
Our Team Has The Right Stuff

Mike Ondracek, CEO
Mike is a United States Air Force and United States Navy veteran with 27 years of marketing, management, and sales experience.
Mark Witmer, Vice President
Mark has 11 years of web design and software engineering experience. Out of college (University of Minnesota), Mark ran a small business for health and wellness before transitioning into software and has spent the majority of his engineering career at Nerdery before taking on a new role at Capillary in January of this year.
Jocelynne Satnik, Corporate Secretary
Jocelynne completed a Paralegal Studies program from Boston University, Boston MA; in addition to continuous studies in foreign language at the International Language Institute, Washington D.C. With 8 years of sales and account management, Jocelynne will also fill an account executive role in the company.
A Capable Team
Each member of our team brings something unique to the table. We are able to collaborate and lend our different backgrounds to a common company goal.
Raised Capital: How We'd Use It
Our minimum goal is $250,000.00; that amount would go towards ordering more inventory and hiring a marketing/advertising firm. We would like to work with a local firm who will help us develop both a local and national marketing campaign.
Our target goal is $500,000.00; that amount would be used for ordering more inventory, adding additional social media influences to promote our product across multiple platforms, and expanding our national marketing campaign.
Our maximum goal is $900,000.00; that amount would allow us to maximize advertising and maintain inventory. If we hit our goal of $900,000.00 we would also hire a sales staff to grow and maintain existing accounts and we would focus on building large commercial contracts and government contracts. With our veteran status, as a company we have a 6% advantage over non- veteran run competitors and we would focus our efforts on getting our products into government buildings, schools, hospitals, and senior assisted living communities.
Our "Break-Even" Date
With our sales projections we are set to break-even by the end of 2022.
Your Return On Investment
Investors will be paid back within 2 years with 12% interest on their initial investment regardless of the liquidity of the company.

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