Smatchy is a match-making app for sports lovers, helping people easily find sports partners & participate in events. We aim to be available in the EU and the US in the future. Launched by Les Bornées, they attracted over 2.7k users in their beta phase and are now raising funds to conquer an estimated market (according to their research) of 295m Europeans practicing sports outside of clubs.

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Practicing sports outside of a club can make it challenging to find partners to practice with, and organising meet-ups is time and energy consuming. However, just in the EU, we have estimated that 295M people practice sports outside of clubs. In 2018, we launched Les Bornées, a cycling community focused on equality and meet-ups. +2.7K people are now members of this community. We are currently expanding by launching Smatchy, a mobile app allowing people to manage and participate in private or public sports meet-ups and easily find sport partners. Les Bornées will be used as the first community created in Smatchy before opening it to individuals and companies. For individuals, we'll provide a freemium model where they'll be able to find sports partners, create and manage private or public communities, easily organise and follow up on meet-ups and join other events. For companies we'll provide a subscription model, offering an interface to manage their communities (employees, clients, etc), create their own sport campaigns including a participation fees option. We already received an expressions of interest from various companies aiming to use Smatchy. Our long term goal is to become an additional tool within companies strategies to improve ESG credentials. With the funds raised, we will build out our tech and marketing teams to roll out our app.

Key Deal Facts

Building on a community of +2700 people (in France & Switzerland), +750 events organised in 4 months (in numerous cities around France & Switzerland), 108% growth to €108k revenue -€94k EBITDA in 2021, Received a previous investment of €106k in our seed round
Amount Raised : $0
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