RheEnergise’s patented tech aims to help solve the energy storage problem with their low-cost, scalable solution: High-Density Hydro. The market is vast, the long-duration storage industry is estimated to require 3 trillion dollar investments by 2040. Backed by £8.25m of govt grant, with physical validation achieved through their own tests, they are raising to accelerate commercialisation.

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Company Description

High-Density Hydro®, has the potential to become a grid-scale energy storage solution. It turns ultra-cheap, intermittent, renewable energy into firm & reliable electricity supply. Excess energy is stored in tanks within small hills that are found nearly everywhere, creating thousands of siting opportunities. Our research suggests that HD Hydro can be low-cost, fast to build & globally scalable with existing decentralised supply-chains. The Long Duration Energy Storage Council forecast $1.5-3.0tr of investment in Energy Storage by 2040. Nations are simultaneously transitioning away from fossil-fuels, creating incredible opportunities now, due to both the climate & European energy crises RheEnergise’s 2022 progress: • £8.25m of UK Govt grants awarded in 2022 to build 1st demonstration-scale project • Physical validation of technology (inc. fluid) achieved through our own lab and field tests • Formulation science partnership (Greenwich) and processing partnerships (Exeter & Queens Universities (Kingston, Ontario) • 4 trademarks, 1st patent award, 2nd patent award expected before the end of 2022 • A growing team, inc. Commercial Director to accelerate commercialisation from inquiries from across the world RheEnergise is excited by its continued progress against the company's priority areas. We believe that our biggest challenge is speed, to meet the predicted growth in market demand.

Key Deal Facts

Trillion-dollar investment needed to solve the climate & energy crises, Our own tests have validated the technology in the lab & in the field, Modelling suggests a 40% lower levelised costs than batteries, £8.25m UK government grant awarded (Autumn 2022)
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