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NBL is developing & patenting fast charging batteries utilising hybrid nanomaterial technology. This energy storage solution can potentially deliver up to 15 times more charge cycles, which can help solving Li-ion battery issues with high power by using thick electrodes based on nanopastes which we expect will reduce the manufacturing costs. Commercial agreement signed with auxiliary automotive manufacturer.

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Lithium Battery problems: - Slow charging speeds up to 3 hours - Limited lifespan around 1,000 cycles, historically high replacement cost - Lithium difficult to extract and with limited recyclability - Complex manufacturing process NBL hybrid energy storage device focuses on a formulation based on nanopastes composed of hybrid nanomaterials with an aqueous and organic electrolyte. After 2 years of R&D, testing of our prototypes has indicated that we can deliver: - Under 5 min. charging time - Extended lifespan up to 30,000 cycles - More sustainable: No lithium. Uses organic waste - Simpler and cheaper manufacturing process Partnered with ICN2 (Instituto Catalán de Nanotecnología y Nanociencia) -accredited by the Spanish government as a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellenceto develop Energy Management Subsystem. Following our own research, it can be used for Renewal Energy Storage, EV, and Industrial Robotics. The Stationary Energy Storage market alone is expected to reach $224.3Bn by 2030 (24.9% CAGR '22-'30) & the Global EV market is projected to be x5 larger in volume by 2030 with 39.2 M units. Commercial and Joint Venture agreement signed with auxiliary automotive manufacturer that will provide the know-how to complete the development of one of our products before we start commercialization. Funds will be used to grow our team and reach functional battery prototypes for automotive industry.

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Under 5 minutes charging batteries with extended lifespan, Simpler manufacturing process estimates up to 20% reduction cost, Commercial & Joint Venture agreement with auxiliary automotive manufacturer, 3 Energy Storage Solution patents filed
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