900.care is a brand of refillable hygiene products that will make you want to become eco-friendly. Their goal is to make refillable hygiene products a mainstay of every bathroom. Having co-designed their products with the help of their subscribers (through customer feedback and surveys), they are now offering you the chance to become an investor.

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Company Description

Shower gels can contain up to 95% water and are sold in disposable plastic packaging. With 900.care, we would like to put an end to this waste. Our goal? To make refillable formats the new norm for hygiene products. This will dramatically cut down on plastic waste & carbon emissions. How? By making hygiene products with natural ingredients, a pleasant aroma, and lather when needed. In a €60B care products market that we think has neglected to go digital so far (only 10% e-commerce penetration in the category of Bath & Shower as compared to an average of 30% for Apparel & Footwear), we have two business models: selling our products online & by subscription. We believe that selling shower gel online is easier when you have products like ours: • Our transported product contains no water, so the package is light and inexpensive • We have a high level of customer retention: 66% of Q2 2021 subscribers still subscribe 12 months later • We have a wide range of products, which results in a shopping cart of 1.87 products per subscriber We are proud of our impact: we have avoided 430 tonnes of CO2, 820k units of discarded plastic waste and saved 120k litres of water over the course of two years, along with our community of +40k subscribers. We are now offering you the chance to invest in our brand as we seek to expand.

Key Deal Facts

Growing subscriber base x7 since January 2022 up to +40k, €14million raised to date from both equity and debt funding, including from leading investment funds, High NPS, consistently above 30+, We prevented 820k units of plastic waste and an estimated 430 metric tons of carbon emissions
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