Marwin Sports

Marwin Sports

Motorsports inspired apparel line with corporate sponsorship agreements with Formula Drift among others

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April 24, 2023
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Company Description

The sportswear industry in the United States is expected to reach $95 billion by 2025. The expansion of sportswear can be attributed to more fitness-conscious consumers trying out sportswear and the incorporation of sportswear into one's daily life.i Motorsports in particular have seen a great deal of traction, highlighted by the rise of interest in Formula One.ii The global market for Motorsports was predicted to be $4.8 billion in 2021, and is expected to expand to $7.8 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 7.2% between 2021 and 2026.iiiSimilar to other sports, racing teams have dedicated uniforms for its drivers and technicians. Established as a Delaware Corporation in 2019, Marwin Sports is a brand in the global apparel market that provides apparel and accessories to numerous racing organizations. Marwin Sports is proudly a women-owned, minority small business which took the initiative to bravely enter a mainly male-dominated marketplace providing new and innovative apparel for the Motorsports Industry. The company custom designs its products to meet specific needs of its partners, including material, patterns, and color hue. Marwin Sports is familiar with the requirements of people who spend a lot of time at the racetrack due to ongoing partnerships with racing series and top race teams like IMSA's Champion Corvette Racing and the NHRA Champions John Force Racing. The company believes they have a product for every user, whether they are an employee, volunteer, racing crew member, or spectator.Marwin Sports is led by a highly experienced team across multiple industries, including apparel, business, and motorsports. The company doubled net sales in 2021 from $568,302 in 2020 to $1,359,747 throughout a global pandemic period. Today, management is seeking strategic investment capital dedicated to increasing its footprint in the market by increasing sales and marketing initiatives, inventory, and ongoing working capital needs to scale and grow the brand. By continuing to develop high-end, exclusive, performance-driven apparel to the motorsports industry while inserting capital contributions to fund scaling opportunities presented in the market, the company hopes to create additional pathways to monetization.

Key Deal Facts

The company has corporate sponsorship agreements with Don Schumacher Racing, FCA Dodge, Formula Drift, John Force Racing, Laguna Seca, and NHRA, Net sales increased from $568,302 in 2020 to $1,359,747 in 2021, The company plans to develop an application that ties in motorsports, sponsors, teams, drivers, and fans for an engaged experienced including AR/VR marketing technologies and more, In 2021 the company generated $204,578 in net income, up from a net loss of $107,863 in 2020
Amount Raised : $1,600
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