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H&G Science

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Preferred Stock
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St. Paul, MN
Offering Date
February 11, 2019
Expected Close Date
December 31, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

$5.00 per share

Company Description

H&G Science aims to facilitate the safe and effective treatment of diseases. Our goal is to take active roles in both novel drug discovery and the commercial-scale extraction and purification of natural and synthetic therapeutic compounds. We are focused on an FDA GRAS status approved, side effect free, natural product called tocotrienol, obtained from abundant natural red palm, to prevent and treat cancer and other diseases. Over the years, we’ve dramatically reduced the cost of and increased the purity and efficacy of this unique natural product which has many potential marketable ‘over the counter’ and prescription indications.

Use of Proceeds

We are looking to get at least $500K in order to engage in the next round of fundraising, launch a marketing campaign, file additional patents, negotiate IP contracts and future supply agreements, and line up additional clinical trials. It is critical to our mission that we maintain control of our company, and funding through the blockchain, as opposed to traditional Venture Capital, affords us this opportunity while allowing you a unique opportunity to invest in a novel biotechnology company.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ed Glicken - CEO
Ed has a formal background as an attorney, serving in the public sector as an Illinois Assistant Attorney General, in the private sector with a law firm, and as in house counsel with a technology company, before entering the biotechnology arena in 2010. For over 20 years, he has headed operations and business development as VP-Operations, President and/or CEO of technology and biotechnology companies.
Ed is actively involved in relationships with key researchers and practitioners, at major U.S. institutions, to develop natural cancer therapies, and other novel disease treatments and preventive measures. Ed has negotiated agreements with pharmaceutical companies, and key commercial-scale supply and manufacturing facilities, as well as key clinical practitioners positioned to run studies needed for effective market entry. Having lost both of his parents, two grandparents and scores of other family members and friends to cancer, he has re-dedicated his life to improving the lives of those who are stricken with this devastating disease.

Kevin Henretta - CTO
Kevin has a formal background in chemistry and over 20 years of experience developing large-scale purification and extraction technologies. He performed the first medium commercial scale isolation of high purity tocotrienol (800 grams) in 1999 and oversaw the largest production run to date (40+ kilograms) several years later. Kevin is a leading expert on tocotrienol and other natural product extraction, purification, and analysis.
Kevin also has over 20 years of experience in process scale-up and industrial facility design. He worked for many years managing the design and production of custom commercial-scale filtration and purification equipment for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. He continues to work as the lead design engineer for equipment that is being placed into service at world-class facilities all over the globe. Kevin has intimate knowledge of the codes and standards required for biopharmaceutical processing equipment and has the qualifications and experience to not only fully develop the methods needed for high purity tocotrienol extraction, but to also manage the design and installation of the equipment needed for commercial-scale operation.

Deal Notes

$5.00 per share

Amount Raised : $23,650
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