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November 30, 2022
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February 28, 2023
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Company Description

Our goal is simple: create manageable, virtual community playgrounds rooted in video gaming in the metaverse. In the past, the metaverse has been sold as an expansive area of play. We are concerned about virtualizing the brick-and-mortar of it one playground at a time. To that end, The Yard is creating small grassroots leagues that can organically grow to a national and international presence. While The Yard is a new, community-centric platform that provides new and pre-established communities and players with all the tools they need for self-determined play and interaction in the metaverse, our company has leveraged the acquisition of existing companies that currently support community-sanctioned play, peer-to-peer play and wagering, ping equalization for level competition, educational tools, e-commerce solutions, media creation, distribution tools that encompass 230K+ Twitch users, thousands of hours of player-focused video content, a presence on major media platforms, and millions of users worldwide.

Key Deal Facts

To the best of our knowledge, The Yard’s metaverse playgrounds are unique, combining community-sanctioned play, peer-to-peer play and wagering, and latency standardization for remote play, with a tapestry of technologies that includes video production, educational tools, team and fan gear distribution, as well as in the future, management of all-layer data and digital assets.

According to recent reports, the number of video gamers worldwide is expected to reach 2.78B by 2024* and over a period of less than ten years, the online viewing of video games is expected to expand from 2.4 billion in 2022 to 3.2 billion in 2027.* Within this growing marketplace, The Yard provides a grassroots go-to portal where video gamers can build relationships, create community, and ignite global commerce in the process. Then, once the video gaming foundation has been established, we can invite other concentric communities to participate.

The Yard is a new enterprise, but in its formation has acquired two established companies that provide us with over 2.5M active customer emails, as well as a large social media following, presence on streaming services, and game consoles, as well as professional partnerships with a number of elite eSports and athletic organizations. Through the American Youth Cooperative for Esports, we have access to a further 2 million video gamers as well as existing projects with collegiate and high school leagues.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

, Derek PewCEODerek N. Pew is our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He founded, Inc. in July of 2022. Prior to that Mr. Pew co-founded HashWatt, Inc. in December 2017 and serves as Executive Chairman. Mr. Pew also co-founded Harena Data, Inc. in November 2017 and has served as its Chairman and CEO since 2020. Prior to co-founding HashWatt, Inc. and Harena Data, Inc. Mr. Pew was an independent investor and served as Chief Executive Officer of MediaCast Holdings, LLC, a media distribution company created to serve the needs of cultural and performing arts entities, which he co-founded in 2009. Prior to that, Mr. Pew served as a Director and Chief Executive Officer of Network Acquisition Company which was formed to acquire the assets of Wireless Philadelphia. Mr. Pew received his A.B. from Dartmouth College and his J.D. from The Law School at the University of Pennsylvania where he was an articles editor of the Law Review and took the majority of his third-year courses from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Pew has served on a number of charitable boards including the Board of Overseers of The Law School at the University of Pennsylvania, the Board of Trustees of the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation, the Board of Trustees of the Agnes Irwin School and The Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Orchestra Foundation. We believe that Mr. Pew is qualified to serve on our board of directors due to his perspective and experience as our Chairman and CEO, one of our co-founders and an investor in and executive officer of high-growth technology companies.
Bill DeverChief Strategy OfficerCo-Founder of Harena Data Co-Founder. Bill Dever brings to the table very strong marketing and packaging abilities in the field of esports, streaming and lower budget film production, combined with a wealth of international contacts in the marketing, retail and financial sectors. He served as President of Spark Interactive Corporation, the first company in North America to deliver fully interactive video on dark fiber into residential markets.The markets include Chile, Mexico, The Dominican Republic and a series of deployments with AEC, a Real Estate Investment company. His partners in these ventures included AT&T, Sun Microsystems, General Electric and Pace. He also served as President of Stimulus Net Inc., Executive Vice President of Wilderness Films Inc a service company for retail DVD services. His work in DVD helped establish the retail sell-through DVD market working with companies such as ESX, United American Video, Madacy and Front Row Entertainment. He also currently works as a consultant to 35 large venture capital firms on the subject of interactive TV strategies,
Bill has produced and co-wrote the film “Personal Exemptions” starring Nanette Fabray and as well “Monster Cruise” and “Resurrection”. He produced and directed the films “China Frost” and “Mountain Fury”. Served as a Producer for he SYFY Channel Original Movies, “Fire From Below” and “Camel Spiders. He wrote and produced “GILA!”, which has been acquired for distribution by Polyscope. His last film production was Operation Dunkirk, a war drama for the LA based studio, The Asylum. Previous to that Bill served as a production manager on a series of low budget feature films.
Eight years ago Dever was approached to produce a portion of the World Halo Championship for Microsoft. This launch the path to esports and video gaming. Three years ago Dever, and Derek Pew founded Harena Data Inc, a company whose initial goal was to create a platform for video game sabermetrics. That scope was enlarged to include educational initiatives and the promotion of traditional youth sports and its evolution to include esports. Today Harena has relationships with 332 Universities, has founded the American Youth Cooperative For Esports with over 1.2 million members. As of last count Harena Data was responsible for over 540 Scholarships being awarded for undergraduate esports programs. A strong focus of Harena's efforts are tied to the advancement of STEM and STEAM initiatives and the incorporation of esports as a tool for education and a door to digital literacy.
Currently Harena is involved in creating education destinations and entertainment destinations
Joseph A ReedBoard MemberMr Reed brings over 3 decades of senior leadership experience in the public and private sector technology space. He has an established history of delivering innovative, mission-critical consumer and business-oriented products across all mediums, with a particular focus on cloud and mobile. His most recent position was CTO of Iteris Inc (NASDAQ ITI)
Robert E Keith IIIBoard Director15 year investment professional/portfolio manager specializing in early stage/seed stage businesses.
Brian SewellCompetition LeadAfter attending his first major LAN event for Major League Gaming in 2007 in Orlando, Florida, Brian was hooked by the potential of esports. After witnessing these regularly occurring events, my interest peaked, and I started volunteering my time to work on esport gaming platforms and assisting in the operations of online tournaments, handling customer support inquiries, and learning the ropes. Eventually this led to Brian to become the competitive operations and platform manager for one of the biggest competitive esports gaming platforms, UMG Gaming.
I have accumulated over ten years of experience working in competitive esports, successfully executing skills such as customer service management, project management, product & platform management, competitive operations management, and community management. Within those ten years, I completed projects with groups such as FaZe Clan, 343 Studios, Activision/Blizzard, The Coalition, Microsoft, Riot Games, Epic Games, Caesar's Entertainment, MLB Players Association, Ader, Curse, Lenovo, Grubhub, Smile More (Roman Atwood), and more.
Martin OlsenTorunasment LeadA self-proclaimed Master of many hats.Martin has been involved in many esports related projects in my relatively short career from coaching teams focused on competition to brainstorming LAN events and all in between. My passion is esports, no doubt about it, but more so educational than competitive.
Specializing in Educational Esports/gaming.
Coaching and teaching using esports and video games is the future. Spending 6 months working with "troubled kids" (kids with ADD, Autism and the like) has taught him that with the right application, esports and gaming can create wonderful things!
I will be working with esports and gaming for the rest of my life, that is for certain.
Dane BowlingLead Video ProducerWith a sharp eye and sharper wit, filmmaker-director-writer (and everything else) Dane Bowling exposes audiences with cutting edge production techniques and efficient storytelling.
Praised for his quick turnaround time and an inimitable aesthetic, he is a one man production team operating under the credence: "Make it fast, cheap, good" and accepts nothing less.
Sam DeverMarketing and Fangear SupportA business student with a focus on marketing, Sam bring a working knowledge of the large audience tournament business. He has been involved in esports for the past 4 years and is currently working on initiatives in Canada on the college level
Scott MolanderDirectorScott A. Molander co-founded Hat World, Inc. DBA Lids Sports Group in 1995. He retired from his position as Lids’ Chief Operating Officer in 2015 after achieving revenues in excess of $950 million. In addition to co-founding Hat World, Mr. Molander, has invested in numerous companies and is an advisor to several companies in the sports and technology space. He teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Butler University. Mr. Molander earned a BS from Dickinson State University and MBA from Indiana State University. He has served on a number of charitable boards, including the Indianapolis 500 Festival, Indianapolis 500 Festival Foundation, Nine-13 Sports, Dickinson State University Foundation, Thrivent Mid-America Region, and Lids Foundation. Mr. Molander is uniquely qualified to serve on our board of directors because of his vast experience founding and advising sports and technology companies., Paula ButlerFangear LeadPaula Butler is our Director of E-commerce. Prior to that she was Project Manager. She concurrently works in wellness programming and promotion at a continuing care retirement community. She earned her B.A. in Mass Communications with a specialization in Public Relations from Towson University and her M.S. in Exercise Science from McDaniel College. She has innovate fan gear placement with 21 State Soccer Associations and several college conferences.
Paula is part-time and works 40 hours/month with the issuer.
Amount Raised : $31,810
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