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Common Stock
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San Jose, CA
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December 01, 2022
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April 29, 2024
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Company Description

Epilog has created a breakthrough AI vision technology for self-driving vehicles: SideCar. We are in the process of manufacturing the first 1,000 units to sell in 2023.

Key Deal Facts

We believe Epilog has developed and patented super-resolution vision technologies that can disrupt numerous fast-growing markets. We are in the process of manufacturing the first 1,000 units to sell in 2023.

Epilog’s products could address multi-billion dollar markets with a significant cost-performance lead over the competition.

Our IP position includes 10 patents granted.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lance MojaverCTO & DirectorLance is the principal architect and developer for device, client, and server software at Epilog. He has more than ten years of experience in real-time video software, creating video cameras from initial hardware design to user-facing product. Lance is passionate about creating cutting-edge vision solutions for robotic and consumer use cases. His most recent area of interest is creating structured 3D data with a single camera through techniques such as SLAM. Lance Mojaver is expected to take over as CEO from Michael Mojaver at the beginning January 2023. Michael will remain on the board and act as Secretary and Treasurer.
Michael MojaverCEO, Secretary, Treasurer & DirectorMichael is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in funding and operating technology companies, both in the US and abroad. Michael was formerly a particle physicist and studied/worked at UC San Diego, Cornell University, Fermilab and CERN (Switzerland). Michael started other companies prior to Epilog, the last one went public (NIO, now trading as GIG:OSLO). Current main areas of interest include, artificial intelligence, optics and computer vision. Lance Mojaver is expected to take over as CEO from Michael Mojaver at the beginning January 2023. Michael will remain on the board and act as Secretary and Treasurer., , Marc MunfordVP Business DevelopmentMarc leads Epilog's Consumer OEM Market Channel Development. Marc comes to Epilog from an extensive career in Silicon Valley startups. Previously, Marc was co-founder of NetDrive - the first Internet personal storage service (before it was called Cloud). Marc has built and run sales and business development for early stage companies such as Visto/Good Technology, Funambol, German Software, Treasure Data, and Wollongong/Attachmate. Marc learned to evangelize breakthrough technology when he was a software engineer early in his career working for Steve Jobs at NeXT. Marc's younger days in football also brings Epilog connections to major sports franchise leagues.
Rony GreenbergDirectorBusiness leader with a consistent and proven track record of delivering dramatically increased revenues, gross margin and profits. Experienced at efficiently orchestrating and navigating complex organizations with cross functional teams located worldwide. Highly skilled negotiator and polished communicator with superior client relationship development and ability to close revenue generating partnership contracts. Motivational leader who builds and pilots teams to create strategy and achieve results that exceed organizational objectives. Rony has been previously involved in many Silicon Valley startups.
Amount Raised : $104,505
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