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The Future of Homebuilding and Community Construction is 3D Printed

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December 02, 2022
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January 31, 2023
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Company Description

Brights Build is a construction and building company dedicated to designing and creating the dream homes of tomorrow. By combining architectural creativity with the latest 3D printing technology, we construct homes, multi-family units, and commercial spaces that are economically and ecologically efficient. This allows us to build faster than conventional methods, while offering customized design, layout, and configuration, as well as an elegant aesthetic. The company is currently pre-revenue and seeking funding for its launch in 2023.

Key Deal Facts

Accessibility –  We believe the current real estate market, hit with skyrocketing construction and building costs, makes homeownership a faraway dream for most Americans. Brights Build is committed to making homeownership a reality for residents all over the country. Our affordable building and construction will create entire 3D printed neighborhoods, radically shifting the narrative around how much home construction costs. By closely collaborating with buyers, we will ensure that Brights Builds technology makes their dream home a reality. Our first planned project is a community enterprise in Houston, TX, that will feature 150 affordable single- and two-story units for local families and businesses.

Untapped Market Potential – As a relatively new technology, 3D printing is a fresh market with an abundance of untapped potential. Globally, the market for 3D-printed materials is expected to grow to a value of $18B over the next eight years (source). Brights Build is aiming to be a key player in the market’s construction sector, which is currently registering a CAGR of 100.7% and is trending to reach $4,986,793.7 thousand by 2030 (source). As an early-stage investor in a new sector of the 3D-printing market, you get exclusive access to the potential for higher returns and share stakes down the road.

Expert-led– With over 20 years of combined experience in the construction industry, the Brights Build team is committed to developing building technology backed by excellence. We apply our decades of industry expertise to this up-and-coming technology to shift the financial barriers to property ownership, ensuring the highest quality building standards for every buyer, family, and business owner. Our team operates with a strong commitment to customer care and a deep investment in the collaborative process, working hand in hand with homebuyers to bring their creative visions to life.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

, Omar ShalhamProject ExecutiveExceptional experience in construction and management of pipeline & structure projects with emphasis in the petroleum & water construction field o Guided a team of eight site engineers to complete the required construction work within the project schedule and budget. Helped the management achieve project targets with minimal overhead cost and time o Ensured Health and Safety Environment (HSE) at the construction site o Experienced with several engineering related software such as Primavera, AutoCad, STAAD, and Microsoft Office o Skilled in wording technical specifications related to reinforced concrete foundations, steel structures, soil
Ahmed AlobaidiDirector of EngineeringCertified civil engineer (EIT) from Texas board of professional engineers, Self-motivated and motivating teams to achieve their objectives, Strives for quality and applies processes, an expansive thinker with an outstanding track record of achievements. Design and implement new business solutions, delivering innovative technology strategies and management experience in increasingly responsible positions within the engineering industry. 
Hiba AliHead of AccountingExperienced Accounting and Finance professional with a demonstrated work history in both private and public industries. Skilled in Forecasting, Budgeting, Account & Variance Analysis and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
Hiba works on a contract basis for Brights Build., Becker SamarraieCEO, Founder, & DirectorTeam-oriented leader with deep international experience spanning strategy, marketing, business development, and sales in real estate, commercial, and lands. proud to lead a great team to present the new 3D Printing technology and take it to the next level by launching a new form of construction, expanded into wide market segments, structured and negotiated complex sales and partnership agreements.
Process-driven with extensive experience in managing P&Ls, writing business plans, devising house price strategies, launching marketing initiatives, and creating partner programs. Drive the 3D printing from concept to launch to commercialization to end-of-life (market research, product definition, technology feasibility, ROI analysis, development, product launch, sales negotiations, inventory management, etc.).
Amount Raised : $68,704
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