Circle Optics, Inc.

Circle Optics, Inc.

World’s only stitch-free panoramic camera system.No distortion.One click & done.

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Technology, Retail, Community & Lifestyle
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Rochester, NY
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April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

We see a world where panoramic cameras make robots more autonomous, and aerospace safer
Our technology provides increased autonomy for uncrewed terrestrial airborne systems - $10B
Our systems will improve aircraft navigation & prevent collisions for safer operation -$200M Market
We have been validated by $3.7M in contracts with NASA, Space Force, Air Force, NSF and more
Circle Optics received Silver recognition in Pepperdines' Most Fundable Company® List 2022
Circle Optics has 12 Patents awarded & pending on their method of aligning fields-of-view
Our team has bench strength of over 200 patents in the imaging vertical from IMAX, Kodak, and Xerox
You can be a part of making robots and drones more autonomous and aerospace safer - JOIN OUR MISSION

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Zak Niazi Founder, Inventor & CEOWe can access any information we want, but I think that people are innately curious about the world.

I want to build technology that opens up experiences for as many people as possible., Ian Gauger Chief Operations OfficerI have always considered myself a builder. I like to envision new things, think them through, and get them up and running., Andy Kurtz Chief Research OfficerAt Circle Optics there is an opportunity to not only succeed technically, but succeed in terms of business growth. Our space is unique – sparsely occupied., Allen Krisiloff Director of EngineeringI am inspired by the development of new things that can change some aspect of the world. What that aspect is in this case is capturing views of the world in an inspiring way., Jennifer Sertl Director of MarketingEven before there were words, there were cavemen paintings. I feel that imagery gets to the human experience more than any other medium., Peter Stubler Director of Imaging ScienceI was attracted to Circle Optics because of the opportunity to work in a small focused team to help develop a new technology. I believe that my diverse background allows me to contribute in many different ways., Phil McMillen Senior Project ManagerThere are jobs that were just jobs, but they didn’t connect with my passion. Circle does that for me. It is because there is a connection to Circle in that I believe in what we are trying to achieve., John Bowron Senior Optical EngineerCircle Optics is a good fit for me because I’ve been able to do really cool optical design. The concept and the ideas are inspiring., Robert Metzger Senior Optical Systems EngineerI am here to make something that has never been made before. And to take that creation and grow the business. It’s just so exciting., Bob Stanchus Senior Mechanical EngineerI like conceptual work and I like getting concepts delivered. You are presented with the challenge, come up a bunch of ways to do it, and figure it out. It is a really cool thing to use those skills and make something happen., Carlos Terrero Senior Mechanical Systems EngineerIt excites me that in the near future there will be even better ways to connect and share experiences with others around the world., Cody Hatch Mechanical Engineer I am an early adopter and someone always looking for that unique experience., Thomas Bidwell Mechanical Design Engineer at Circle Optics, inc
Amount Raised : $191,060
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