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Simple Labs

Maker of Cogni, a patented hardware & SaaS platform that monitors barrel health for winemakers

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Convertible Note
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December 02, 2022
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February 03, 2023
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Company Description

The ChallengeIn winemaking, there are constant hazards and until now, no solution to continuously monitor them. Current testing is costly from a labor, fee, and time standpoint. Small staffs need to track thousands of barrels for problems. Current costly methods leave most barrels unmonitored. Every year an estimated 5% of barrels are lost which can be calculated globally to a $153.5 million annual loss. The SolutionCogni is an integrated solution designed to assist in wine barrel monitoring. Its proprietary technology combines SaaS and hardware to continuously monitor temperature and humidity, free and molecular SO2, pH, acetic acid / VA, ethanol / alcohol, phenol / guaiacol, internal barrel pressure, and fill level. Successful second-stage working prototype trials are underway in Napa. The remaining acetic acid and phenol sensors are functioning in our lab and are planned to be integrated into the next and final stage prototype before building a production-ready model.Business ModelThe company plans to operate under a managed service provider business model encompassing hardware, platform and network needs.Hardware - Cogni devices are leased from Simple Labs. The initial projected 58% margin will rise over time as the device is reused for multiple years.Platform - Simple Labs will have an initial minimum operating cost to capture our target audience. This audience can become a significant revenue stream as a wealth of anonymized data is collected globally.Network - LoRa gateways and recharging stations are leased with a minimum operating cost at first to capture our target audience. Equipment can be reused for multiple contract periods.Target Business GroupsSegments identified include cooperages, barrel management services, barrel warehouses, custom crush facilities and top wineries.

Key Deal Facts

The company has placed 20+ trial devices in different wineries and an additional 15+ wineries that have expressed interest. The Cogni test results have shown to be accurate to current testing methods Device is patented with an issued U.S. as well as a filed International PCT patent and US patent application Engineering and manufacturing agreement with KWJ Engineering, a world class engineering and electronics company located in Silicon Valley, CA Prominent investors include globally acclaimed winemaker, Jean Hoefliger, and the son of Taco Bell founder, Robert McKay Winner of a Winnovation Wine Industry Innovation Award as well as a CES Innovation Award

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Bastien Lucas Investor, Head Winemaker at Maxville Winery Robert McKay Jr. Investor, Executive Director, The McKay Foundation Jean Hoefliger Investor, Winemaking & Business Consultant at JH Wine Consulting Inc. Peter Olson Advisor, Senior Business, Former Harvard Business School Professor Steve Kalin Advisor, Investor Relations & Capital Markets Marissa Senzaki Advisor, Human Resources & Hiring Bertus Van Zyl Advisor, Winemaking Tim Milos Advisor, Winemaking Matthew Shipley Advisor, Product Director Todd Kamps Advisor, UX Director Sharon Torres Advisor, Platform Experience Design Mike Blom Advisor, Winemaking & Chemistry

Amount Raised : $1,160,818
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