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December 09, 2022
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February 07, 2023
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Company Description

Project Transcend is social media for capturing one’s life story, and ultimately their legacy. Rather than manufacture content for clicks, likes, and mass engagement, the Transcend platform encourages users to capture authentic moments, and share meaningful memories that are accessible for generations to come. The project is currently pre-revenue and in the beta-testing stages as our team seeks funding to support a successful in-market launch.

Key Deal Facts

Project Transcend is a mobile app designed to capture and share your life’s story, and ultimately your legacy. By giving users tools to capture and share significant moments, and tell the stories behind them, our platform provides an overall more purposeful social media experience.

Social media is a massive global market, with over half the world’s population spending hours every day on various platforms and apps.* Yet increasingly, users report that today’s popular platforms leave them feeling lonely or disconnected, as opposed to connected,* indicating that there is an opportunity in offering something better. Rather than being focused on monetization through ad revenue, or selling user data, our model is based on organic growth through subscription sales, by providing a meaningful experience for our users. We also give back to the communities that need our product most with our We Transcend Program. For each subscription sold, we gift a subscription to one of our partner organizations in need.

At its heart, Project Transcend is an experience creation company. As we evolve, we are excited to utilize AR & VR applications to create immersive memory experiences for users.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Matthew PhillipsCEO & DirectorBorn and raised in the Silicon Valley, Matt quickly found himself immersed in the disruptive nature of emerging enterprise technologies, and began his tech career in the start-up space. Fast forward a handful of years and Matt had built a reputation as one of the highest performing technology leaders globally, responsible for several hundred million in revenue annually across public, commercial, and federal spaces. But you aren’t here to read about accolades, you’re here to know why he started this company. 
Like many things we are compelled to do, this mission was born out of a need to change things. 
As a teenager, Matt watched his best friend, and company CFO Bobby Adams lose both of his parents unexpectedly. A few years later he would experience the loss of his own Grandparents, who were his personal heroes. He then unexpectedly lost his own Father, and then his Mother.
It was in his basement, on a winter day in February, when Matt experienced a brush with his own mortality. One that would usher in a new perspective on life, time, and purpose. One that would change the trajectory of his life forever. 
As a father of two small children, Matt realized that he nearly left his children without a way to feel his love, have his support, or benefit from the wisdom he has to share with them throughout their lives. He realized that this problem had been surrounding him his entire life’s journey, and it was time to do something about it., Camden FordCTO & DirectorCamden has more than 25 years of engineering, software development, product management, and marketing experience at companies including HP, Intel, Brocade, and Seagate, with a focus on both consumer, and enterprise solutions. Camden has a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA. At Transcend, Camden is responsible for driving infrastructure architecture as well as product functionality. As a husband and father of two great kids, Camden jumped at the chance to join this mission with the goal of developing a platform to help communicate more effectively with his family and help his kids have better, more meaningful, fulfilling lives.
Anthony Englese COOTony Englese is a Silicon Valley startup veteran that now calls the MS Gulf Coast home. The focus of Tony’s career has been taking products from concept to release, and helping to build the discipline and processes that support young companies’ growth. From hands on technical contributions to the establishment of business-critical systems and supply chains, many hats have been worn. Prior startups include Aurrion (acquired by Juniper Networks) and Xsigo Systems (acquired by Oracle). 
Tony and his wife spend their time keeping up with their three daughters, two dogs and numerous family members on the coast. Tony has more hobbies and interests than he has time, but some include music, playing guitar, cooking and baseball. Tony believes that our wisdom, love, and experiences are the most valuable assets we have in this life, and that Transcend represents the best way to capture and preserve those assets authentically.
Robert Adams CFO & DirectorBobby Adams serves as a Certified Financial Planner and private wealth advisor for a large financial advisory firm in Silicon Valley. He is in his 19th year in practice, and is well regarded as an industry leader. 
Bobby understands the importance of legacy more than most, as he experienced the unexpected loss of both his Mother and Father in his adolescence. As a result, he’s left with more questions than answers, fading memories, and no real way to connect to the past - and he doesn’t want others to feel that pain. Bobby immediately understood the value that Transcend could help bring to the world, and co-founded the company with his life long friend, Transcend founder Matthew Phillips.
He believes that Transcend can fill a huge void by capturing the knowledge and wisdom of those we love, and preserving moments and memories for generations. His 9 and 7 year old children are the loves of his life, and he cherishes each and every moment they spend together.
Amount Raised : $53,207
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