FTN Network

FTN Network

Fantasy sports, sports betting, and sports data subscription B2C & B2B company

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Common Stock
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December 09, 2022
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February 08, 2023
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Company Description

The Problem: There are too many fantasy, sports betting, and sports data resources in different locations.The Solution: A one-stop shop for fantasy, sports betting and data enthusiasts can solve this.FTN Network is a multi-site iGaming affiliate, fantasy sports, sports betting subscription platform and sports data provider built to increase user success rates through the use of proprietary data, tools, and content. Think Action Network meets Pro Football Focus.There are four FTN websites, with three of them acting as B2C "freemium" subscription sites (FTNFantasy.com, FTNDaily.com, FTNBets.com). They launched July 7th, 2020 and have generated over $3M in revenue with over 12,000 unique subscribers, 28,000,000+ page views and 2,000,000+ users. Aside from subscriptions, FTN Fantasy, FTN Daily and FTN Bets generate revenue through partnerships, sponsorships and by driving sports book affiliate signups. Some major partnerships include PrizePicks, Mojo, Caesars Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook. FTNData.com is an early-stage B2B data company. Currently FTN Data is powering 70+ NFL tools with proprietary data on FTN's three B2C websites. FTN is currently building out the infrastructure to scale to multiple sports and license their data to other websites, sports books and professional sports teams. FTN Data offers over 500 NFL data points, including player participation, by charting every snap of every NFL game with 18 years of historical data. FTN Data currently provides data to Caesars Sportsbook, Better Collective, Spotlight Sports Group, EVAnalytics, The Blitz, Saber Sir, Razzball and others.

Key Deal Facts

Achieved $2.9M+ in total revenue since launch in July 2020, with $350,000+ in revenue in August 2022 (unaudited) Over 14K unique subscribers across all services Websites have received 28M+ page views since launch with 64% YoY user growth (Nov ‘22 vs Nov ‘21) Active data partnerships with Caesars Sportsbook, Better Collective, Spotlight Sports Group and more Graduated from the Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy Class of 2022 afterwards received investments from SK Ventures & 11 Tribes

Amount Raised : $614,100
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