An online payment platform where digital checks can be written, sent, and received instantly!

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May 17, 2023
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August 15, 2023
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eMailACheck is an online payment platform where digital checks can be written, sent, and received instantly. The company first introduced its patented system to the market in August of 2022, and is now serving over 28K users.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

, Amaha SelassieChief Executive OfficerAmaha Selassie is an Innovative Leader, Skillful Negotiator, Business Strategist and Sales Expert. Over the last 20 years, Amaha has demonstrated exceptional leadership expertise across diverse sectors, earning the trust of some major players in the world of business. He is the Co-founder of Sensei Credit, a credit monitoring platform that supports businesses and individuals to keep track of changes in their credit reports. He is also serving as the President of eMailACheck, a tech startup that supports businesses and individuals to send and receive checks online securely and efficiently. In this executive role, he develops and implements organizational and management procedures, structures, and policies to ensure the smooth-running operation of the business. He also provides leadership and guidance to the organization by collaborating with other board members, executives, and staff to achieve overall organizational goals.
Alan WasersteinDirector4 yr options Trader on CBOE/CBOT, 30 yr real estate veteran, grew a real estate empire with a portfolio of over 1.3 million SF in 50 properties spanning across the US with over 500+ tenants all managed, leased, developed, and operated under his administration. 
Jake WasersteinFounderI am a student at Indiana University majoring in Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship, in which I will be looking to pursue my career in commercial Real Estate. I will continue to work on this goal as I find this industry to be the best fit for me. By using my skills in business management I will be able to increase my marketing, analytical, and communication skills.
Nate BekermanAdvisor / Business DevelopmentBentley University BS finance - 7 years at JP Morgan with Global Investments. Started Wash my Whip an on-demand car cleaning service and grew it to become a national fleet cleaning company in 12 cities with a successful exit in 2018. Started Genesis Capital and NBK consulting which specializes in Crypto-Currency projects.
Brian RiemerAdvisor / Business DevelopmentHarvard Cum Laude, Wharton Business School Directors list , 6 years in investment banking and Private equity/Mezzanine . CEO of Riemer Insurance a 60 million+ Private Insurance Agency
Lucio BiaseAdvisor ConsultantCredit Suisse, Marathon Asset Mgmt, started his first fintech 2005 got patent for pooling credit risk US8781952B1 and exited, then founded LMARKETS 2011 and exited in 2017 and the Co. was acquired in 2021.
Amount Raised : $16,316
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