Tuffy Packs, Inc.

Tuffy Packs, Inc.

Bullet Proof Backpack Inserts

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Houston, TX
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March 13, 2020
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July 13, 2020
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$1.00 per share 


Company Description

Active shooter incidents continue to rise in schools and public spaces across the US and the world at large. There is an ever-growing demand for products that can keep people safe in such fatal circumstances, as well as a newfound awareness for self-defense products as parents of school children become the fastest growing buyer in this new industry. Tuffy Packs, Inc. delivers a product line of lightweight, removable ballistic inserts, made from police-grade materials and designed to fit 95% of backpacks and laptop cases on the market today.


$250 Ballistic Backpack Insert - Your choice of a 11x14' or 12x16' Ballistic Insert ($139.00 Value)
$500 Swissgear Backpack + Insert - Choice of SwissGear backpack with 12x16" insert of Kenneth Cole labtop case with 11x14" insert ($239.00 Value)
$1000 4 Ballistic Insterts - Recieve 4 assorted Ballistic inserts any size (Up to $596.00 Value)
$2500 4 assorted Ballistic insters + lifetime 20% discount - Recieve 4 assorted Ballistic inserts any size and a lifetime 20% discount off all products.
*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Key Deal Facts

The market for civilian ballistic protection is estimated to be in excess of $220 million, as active shooter incidents climb to an all-time high
TuffyPacks has created a line of lightweight, removable ballistic inserts that come in multiple sizes and are designed to fit 95% of backpacks and laptop cases on the market today
Our products use the same ballistic fabric found in police vests - they remain discreet and hidden but can instantly turn a regular backpack into a ballistic shield in the event of an active shooter situation. The inserts are ballistic lab tested to defeat handgun rounds up to .44 magnum.

Use of Proceeds

Marketing, Research & Development, Company Employment, Operations, Working Capital, Inventory, StartEngine Platform Fees

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Steve Naremore
President and Founder
Steve Naremore has spent his entire professional career as a self-employed entrepreneur. In the late 80's he took his financial data company public via an IPO. It was acquired 5 years later in a buyout. He spent the next 20 years as an investment banker, investor and advisor to small and micro-cap companies all either public or seeking exchange listing.
Often being paid in stock by many small startups he realized the importance of good due diligence, patience and the ability to recognize management's passion in their endeavor. "When there is no cash component to investing 100's of hours into a project, you better feel real good about a defined exit strategy". stated Mr. Naremore. On one of his client companies, he participated in the first $500K seed round in the telecom space. The company, Boston Technology turned out to be the engine behind the advent of voicemail and was bought out for $900m in 1997.
During the recent decade, Naremore has created innovative products in the soft goods space including packaging solutions in the drone and recreation industry. These products continue to be sold primarily via digital marketing.
He started Tuffy Packs in late 2016 after numerous conversations regarding active shooter drills with his daughter, a fourth-grade public school teacher. Active school shootings were occurring weekly and school administrators were scrambling for solutions at that time.
Tuffy Packs was the solution parents were looking for to allow their children to turn their backpacks into a defensive shield should a threat arise.
Mr. Naremore devotes his full-time effort to Tuffy Packs, Inc.
While not working, Mr. Naremore enjoys fishing, falconry and fixing up old homes.

Zach Nemanich
Co-Founder / Secretary / Director
Zach has spent the last 15 years in the packaging industry developing solutions for Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries. Whether its computer components or precision medical instruments, if it can be envisioned in CAD, Zach can create it.
For Tuffy Packs, Zach lends his industry knowledge in the global sourcing of our ballistic fabric as well as other materials used in our product production. Our product packaging design that is unique to Tuffy Packs was one of the many solutions provided by Zach.
Zach works part-time for the company as well as traveling to all trade shows; commits approximately 10 hours per week.
Zach is a new father and is an avid marathon runner.

Deal Notes

$1.00 per share 

Amount Raised : $16,669
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