Thrive and Grow Farms

Enhancing local food systems with regenerative agriculture

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Female Founder, B2B, Agriculture & Agtech
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Vail, AZ
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April 29, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

Created a model for locally sourced food that relies on regenerative agriculture.
Teaching agricultural methods that conserve resources creating climate smart commodities.
Great startup traction including 580% increase in produce sales in one year.
Redistributing wealth from a destructive farming model to a regenerative one.
Niche real estate development creating turnkey farm businesses that enhance food security.
Developing multiple brands that support local food systems with regenerative foods
Reducing food waste and increasing profits for local farmers by providing reliable sales outlets.
Provide a pathway to success for regenerative farming entrepreneurs.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Michael Ismail FounderDeveloped a farming model which is a pathway towards successful farming entrepreneurship for small regenerative agricultural producers. Created a patent pending water saving irrigation device that is already playing a valuable role in saving water., Kendyl Pond FounderQuickly rose to clinical manager position for a prestigious dental office. Developed training and operation guides to improve efficiency and productivity and trained staff in sales and marketing. Took Thrive and Grow Gardens product line national., Stephanie Lipari Thrive and Grow Farms CEA manager and head of sales and distributionAcquired knowledge and skills to manage Sunflower Superfoods farming operation. Helped Thrive and Grow farms acquire the company and set up the new farming operation at Thrive and Grow's demonstration farm location., Tommie Burch New Farm ConsultantTommie created the new farm startup program as a farm startup model for Thrive and Grow Farms. He then went on to apply that plan to his own farm proving it to be a successful model on it's way to being debt free and profitable in less than 2 years!, Jason Ismail Data Scientist4.0 GPA Undergraduate degree in mathematics. Master's degree in Data Science., Kent Adams AdvisorFounded Locus Solutions
Developed CO2 sequestering water saving agricultural soil bacteria solution
Started business in probiotics, which was sold for $250 Million
Started Consumer packaged goods business which was sold for $135 million, Christopher Patze CEA expertDegree in CEA from the University of Arizona., Aurora DeShazo Greenhouse Assistant CEA studentStudying plant sciences at the U of A for a degree in sustainable plant systems with the goal of helping facilitate food production using sustainable methods of agriculture. I want to empower people and communities to grow their own food!
Amount Raised : $94,700
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