Davenport SAF-T Systems

The SAF-T VEST will detect a fall and deploy airbags to reduce risk of injury.

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Minneapolis, MN
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April 29, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

πŸ§‘β€πŸ§‘β€β€β€βš‘200+ inquiries from clinicians and consumers; 3 accelerators; 3 academic partnerships
πŸ’—πŸ₯°The SAF-T VEST uses sensors and airbags to protect you in a fall from the hips to the head.
πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈOur clinical, engineering and scientific leads have more than 70 years of experience.
πŸ’΅A capture rate of just 1.2% of today's 56M+ senior market could drive $650M in sales revenue.
We received a U.S. Patent in January 2021 and a Launch Minnesota Innovation Grant one year later.
βš™οΈOur early prototype already detects a fall and inflates a front airbag in less than a 1/2 second.
β€πŸ€β€Your investment will help us build advanced models that will be tested on healthy adults.
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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ryan Davenport Co-founder and CEO, Davenport SAF-T SystemsRyan Davenport just keeps achieving key milestones. Among his wins: a U.S. patent, a working 1st gen prototype, a $28,000 Innovation Grant, 3 accelerator programs, and partnerships with two universities for engineering, fall research and testing., Jay A. Davenport, M.D. Co-founder, Chief Medical OfficerJay A. Davenport, M.D. invented the SAF-T VEST, because fall prevention efforts fall short. As an orthopedic surgeon, he treated countless older patients with devastating fall injuries. His concept moves us from fall prevention to fall protection., Tanvi Bhatt, Ph.D. Lead Scientific AdvisorDr. Bhatt is a professor of physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She has consulted with the Company since 2020 and is a leading expert in falls and the neuromechanical basis for balance recovery., Lance Silverman, M.D. Clinical AdvisorDr. Silverman is a board-certified member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. He founded his independent practice Silverman Ankle and Foot in 2005., Mae Davenport Director of ResearchMae Davenport, Ph.D., is a professor at the University of Minnesota, and a social-behavioral human subjects researcher. She conducts social science research for human and community well-being and for their connections to the natural environment., Joel Prevost Long-term Care Industry AdvisorJoel's experience in long-term care services spans more than 17 years. He’s led campuses and communities including home care, hospice, palliative care, TCU, assisted living, long-term care, adult day and creative arts through life-long learning., Brian Kohlbeck Financial ConsultantBrian is CFO at Phillips Distilling Company. He has extensive corporate finance experience at General Mills, Best Buy, Lands’ End and Gander Mountain. He delivers business results and drives financial performance as a financial and operational lead., Ernest Grumbles General CounselErnest is an IP and business attorney representing innovation-driven startups and entrepreneurs. He works with early-stage clients to identify and protect patent, trademark and copyright assets and to launch, develop and finance high-growth enterprise.
Amount Raised : $102,150
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