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December 06, 2023
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Stone Ledge Spirits Company specializes in high-quality spirits produced in the Ozark Highlands using natural limestone-filtered water, heirloom seed food-grade ingredients and long fermentation.
Our distillery is also committed to sustainability and a chemical-free process, and is currently producing one of only two certified "Ozark Highlands" whiskies on the market.
The “Ozark Highlands” category of spirits is a new category created by the State of Missouri in 2022, similar to the requirements behind Tennessee Whiskey or Scotch. This new category is creating new experiences for consumers and new opportunity for distillers in the region.
We are currently scaling up and expanding our production and distribution capabilities, launching a "brand-on-demand" segment for influencers and celebrities, and building a new "destination" distillery.

In 2018, the spirits market worldwide was worth $1.47 trillion. By 2024, it's forecasted to grow to $1.75 trillion.
In order to be a part of that growth, our distillery needs to expand its production capabilities and enter new markets with new and existing products.
Additionally, celebrities are looking for opportunities to leverage their personal brands in the spirits segment, and the demand for sustainability practices within the spirits industry continues to grow.
Our distillery is positioned to address key trends taking place in our industry:

Consumer demand for "green" products and sustainability practices from ground to glass.

A steady increase in demand for whiskey and the growing home mixologist culture

An expected continued growth in the market of 10% over the next 5 years

An increasing demand for "destination" distilleries

An increase in celebrity or influencer brands

A solid support by the state of Missouri for the growth of Ozark Highlands distilleries and spirits


In 2018, the spirits market worldwide was worth $1.47 trillion. By 2024, it's forecasted to grow to $1.75 trillion. Our industry sees 40-60%+ margins in all economic environments.
As we scale up our production volume, we will capture a portion of the market in key states.
Our total revenue over the next 10 years is forecasted at more than $200 million.
We are producing high-quality spirits, at an affordable price point, that people enjoy and can afford.
Our marketing will vary for different brands.
Our Stowloch Whiskey is a traditional, US Ozark Highlands whiskey, aged at least 4 years in Missouri Oak barrels, that has essences of Irish Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon. Its brand is community and class, and is often accompanied by a high-quality cigar in the company of close friends.
Our InverXion Vodka is a premium vodka, distilled 8 times and finished using a vacuum inverted process. It is designed to be enjoyed during your adventures, as adventure favors the bold. It's time to invert your vodka, because X marks the spot.

We are currently producing Stowloch Whiskey and InverXion Vodka, and will continue to grow our production capabilities on both.
Our new distillery will provide a destination distillery for consumers, and a production and distribution facility for our company.

Our products secure a 40-60% margin on each sale and this remains consistent even as volume increases.
We anticipate breaking even in 2024.

We launched one of the first Ozark Highlands whiskies in the US, and it has been well received and popular.

We have a current inventory of 400 barrels of 4-year-aged whiskey available to us today, and we continue to put new barrels up.

We are currently scaling up and expanding our production and distribution capabilities, launching a "brand-on-demand" segment for influencers and celebrities, and building a new "destination" distillery.


Recognized with a Silver Medal at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the most prestigious awards program in the world.

Our gross margin projections each year are 60%+, with those margins increasing in years when we divest brands.

Customer Testimonials

Stowloch Whiskey is “outstanding in their category.” Stowloch Whiskey “show[s] refinement, finesse and complexity, [and is] among the best examples of their particular category.” – San Francisco World Spirits Competition

“Man, it is very, very good whiskey. I had a glass and my dad damn near polished off the bottle. We all loved it.” – August “Gussie” Busch, Missouri

This is some smoooooooooooth whisky!! Too all who haven't tried it....Get you some!!! - Denise Finch, Missouri

"This is SO good!" - Julie Turinsky, Missouri

"At ABV Shop test tasting some Stowloch Whiskey ... very good!" - Tony Utz, Missouri

"Love the Whiskey!" - Scot Heathman, Illinois


Our CEO, Mark Sutherland, has 30+ years of experience in marketing and business development. He is also a GlobalScot and serves as the Hon. Consul of the UK to Missouri. He is focused full-time on the growth of Stone Ledge Spirits Company.
Our contracted distiller has been in the industry for 15 years. He also runs another successful distillery, with a reputation for excellence, quality and sustainability.
The rest of the team and advisory council consists of successful business owners who have built successful spirit brands, driven successful sales organizations, developed successful hospitality marketing, directly supported celebrity influencers, distributed goods worldwide, and leveraged tax strategy to maximize profitability.

Stone Ledge Spirits Company checks every box with our approach to sustainability, our production ability and current market access, our planned showcase distillery location, our "brand-on-demand" program and our support from the State of Missouri.
We are one of a handful of distilleries in Missouri focused on nationwide growth, alongside a commitment to produce high-quality spirits that are approachable and affordable.
We are also focused on growing each brand we develop so that it becomes a potential divesture event.
Our "brand-on-demand" offering works with celebrities and influencers to translate their existing brand into a spirit brand, develop their own unique flavor profile, manufacture their spirit, and then distribute and market it.


Stone Ledge Spirits Company

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Previous Funding
All of our founding team has invested personally, both in time and money. We have also raised a significant amount of money from outside investors.
Our forecast calls for you, our investor partner, to be made whole within 3 years of your investment, and you will continue to be a part of the team and receive dividends for as long as you wish.
Each of our brands will be positioned for acquisition, giving all our investor partners an additional return on each divesture. 
We also put more barrels up for aging on a regular basis, and your investment will be utilized to put new barrels up, produce current product for sales, improve our production process, and build our new distillery.
As such, there are certain perks based on your level of investment.
Investor Perks
Collector - $500+

Your name on the "founders wall" at our Missouri distillery (once built)
A signed bottle from an exclusive Stowloch barrel pick.

Member - $1,000+

All the perks of Collector level
Membership at our Missouri distillery (once built)
10% discount on all purchases at Stone Ledge Distillery
Invitation to an annual event at Stone Ledge Distillery

Vodka Member - $2,500+

All the perks of Member level
20% discount on all purchases at Stone Ledge Distillery
Annual distribution of a bottle of limited-edition vodka

Whiskey Member - $5,000+

All the perks of Vodka Member level
Annual distribution of a bottle of limited-edition whiskey
An assigned barrel, named after you, that you can follow from ground to glass
One-time barrel selection whiskey distribution. Once “your” barrel ages to 4 years, you receive 10 bottles of whiskey from that barrel.

Barrel Member - $10,000+

All the perks of Whiskey Member level
Complimentary private event space reservation at Stone Ledge Distillery once per year
One-time $1,800 “barrel aging” bonus dividend after your membership “ages” to at least 4 years

Investors also have the advantage of being able to use tax-advantaged roll-over IRA funds and self-directed IRAs for this investment.

When the $100,000.00 Minimum is Raised:
The initial investment at the minimum amount will be used for production of additional spirits, and the introduction of some automation to support that increase in production.
When the $1,000,000.00 Target is Raised:
The target amount will allow Stone Ledge Spirits Company to launch additional brands, enter new markets, and take possession of a new "destination" distillery.
When the $1,000,000.00 Maximum is Raised:
All funds raised will be used for production and support of increased production, along with the support needed for entry into additional markets and the introduction of additional brands.
Amount Raised : $61,500
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