Electric Mobility Vehicle Rental Solutions for Food Delivery Drivers and Zero-Emissions Personal Transportation

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June 14, 2023
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September 13, 2023
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Company Description

Sunryde is a fully operational electric mobility company that rents and sells top-tier electric bikes and scooters providing eco-friendly & affordable transportation for last-mile delivery drivers and personal recreation.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Arkadiy OkhmanFounder and CEOMy name is Arkadiy, and I'm a serial entrepreneur with years of experience in business and product development. Before I became an entrepreneur, I was in the transportation sector, starting with my degree in Transportation Design. As an Automotive designer, I did projects with car manufacturers like General Motors, Ferrari, and Crown Equipment. A couple of my works went into production, and then I realized I wanted to do more good things for people and find solutions.
I previously had another startup called LykeTech, where I was a co-founder and designer. We designed a wireless mobile phone charger powered by a solar panel, and the product can be used in cars or at home. After two years of development, we had a successful acquisition from a manufacturer that built us the very first prototype. Now the product is widely used in China. 
I'm also a massive fan of mobility, anything that moves people or goods. While in college, I had an excellent opportunity to work on projects with the City of Detroit Chamber of Commerce on Urban Planning and Mobility. Even now, I am lucky to be a part of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, helping them with Sunryde on an urban mobility project called Santa Monica Zero Emissions Delivery Zone.
There was a hard time in my life when I had to become a gig-economy worker, I was a delivery driver for UberEats and Postmates for 2-3 years, and I always thought there was a better way to speed up delivery services and find a better way to make the driving experience for drivers. Most importantly, identify a problem and found a way to reduce the cost of their vehicle maintenance; then, I thought of e-bikes and realized this was the solution. 
When I founded Sunryde, I designed our SUN-1 electric bike for delivery purposes. I realized this bike could help businesses to reduce costs on operations in hyperlocal deliveries. Also, it can help the delivery drivers to save money delivering food while working for an aggregator., Michael S JacobsBoard MemberFood technologist with 2 exits. Founder of Kitchen Data Systems, Nextbite and founder of Tapin2.
Anindya GhoshVice President of MarketingAnindya Ghosh has 18 years of experience in the tech industry as an online advertising operations, online marketing, and business development specialist. Anindya has extensive experience in building a last-mile logistics business through the company he founded, Washrunner. Anindya has also done a substantial amount of work as a gig-economy worker. Through this first-hand experience, he learned the needs and desires of delivery workers. Anindya believes it is absolutely imperative that delivery workers have the most affordable and fuel-efficient transportation possible. Sunryde provides that through its bikes and scooters. Anindya brings his extensive experience to Sunryde to help solve problems for delivery workers and small businesses.
Nicholas BurtonLead Mechatronics EngineerNicholas is a Lead Engineer and Technician with 10+ years in the micro-mobility sector. Previously worked at Bird Scooters, Wheels Bike, and Link Scooters. He has also worked in retail bike shops such as Torrence Bikes and Bike Attack Electric.
Amount Raised : $13,823
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