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Wind Harvest

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Sustainability, Technology
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April 01, 2024
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With over $12 million raised, Wind Harvest is a rare, privately held company at the end of the commercialization process. Their turbines will be first to utilize turbulent mid-level wind blowing from 15-80 feet above ground. Mid-level wind has traditionally been overlooked until now. The Company expects $2.5 million in sales in 2023. These historic milestones open a $300+ billion renewable resource.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kevin Wolf | CEO and Co-founder
Expert on vertical axis wind turbines and markets. Raised $10M for Wind Harvest. Previous COO and a key investor in Wind Harvest. Chair of the CA Clean Money Action Fund to reduce the influence of big money in politics. “We must bring down CO2 levels and restore our climate in order for humanity and nature to flourish. To achieve this goal, we need inexpensive and long-lasting renewable energy supplies. Our Wind Harvesters will boost the growth of wind energy and make a significant positive impact on climate change.”

Alana Steele | Project Development
Alana Steele has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry and was previously COO of Western Wind. She runs our project development team.

Christine Nielson | President, Wind Harvest Pilot Project
Organic entrepreneur, Climate activist, Founder of Coyuchi Inc., the first U.S. company to manufacture and sell quality organic cotton textiles.

Dr David Malcolm | Principal Engineer
40+ year career at forefront of the design and engineering of both horizontal axis (propeller-type) and vertical axis wind turbines. David has extensive experience in the aeroelastic modeling and developed Wind Harvest’s Eole suite of H-type VAWTs.

Rob Wheelock | Strategy & Business Development
During his 48 years of comprehensive experience in planning, organizing, financing, and managing entrepreneurial businesses, Wheelock served as the chief financial executive for a renewable energy company for ten years.

Cornelius Fitzgerald | Board Member
15+ years strategy and execution in finance and renewable energy. Large project leader for Wind Harvest. Co-founder and president Clean Energy Holdings, LLC that is developing wind, solar and hydrogen gas renewable energy projects.

Dr Olamide Ajala | Principal Engineer
Mechanical engineer. Vertical axis wind turbine aeroelastic modeling expert. Leader of the engineering team.

Dr. Ariana Marshall | Caribbean Resilient Ecosystems Manager
Leads efforts to develop our projects and analyze the cumulative environmental, cultural and economic impacts for the large installations of the Wind Harvester we will install on Caribbean islands such as Barbados where she lives.

Jeffrey Willis | Consulting and Production Manager
An inventor with numerous wind related patents and an expert in manufacturing with a wealth of experience from 20 years of working in the wind industry, he oversees our v.3.1 pilot project and the engineering and manufacturing of our v3.2 turbine.

Mark Chang | Electrical Engineer
Mark is a talented Electrical Engineer for Wind Harvest. Mark has a mind for complexity, math, and detail. He developed the controls for our models 1.0 and 2.0 and model 3.1.

Antonio Ojeda | Chief Engineer
With ten plus years engineering experience and problem-solving, he led the mechanical engineering of the Wind Harvester v3.1 and co-authored its four Design Evaluation documents. Now a consulting engineer.

Jeff Olson | Mechanical Engineer
Experienced engineer that provided on-site installation with prototypes v1.0 and 2.0. Made all recent SolidWorks drawings for v3.0 and 3.1. Now a consulting engineer.

Omar Garcia | Field and Mechanical Engineer
Omar began as on-site engineering intern for our Model 3.1. We were so pleased with his work that when he recently graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from West Texas A&M University, we hired him to join our team full time.

Jen Hoover | Investor Relations
She has worked in a number of varied roles within the sustainability sector. She holds a Master’s degree in Textiles, with a focus on environmental aspects of wool production.

Amount Raised : $153,920
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