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Voila Afrique

Voila Afrique is expanding into a larger space to offer more menu items and accommodate more customers!

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Common Stock
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September 25, 2023
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Company Description

We are an African-owned business based in Midtown East, New York City. We are certified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) by the New York City Department of Small Business Services. The company was founded on a vision to shift boundaries in African cuisine and affirm the continent's resourcefulness through its colorful and sometimes untapped spices, roots, tubers, and grains. We connect the slave routes from Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean and amplify the evolution and commonalities of African food in these three regions. Voila Afrique, therefore, offers a variety of African and Latin American street food, including vegan options. The menu features dishes such as jollof rice, coconut fried rice, ugali, banku, kenkey, plantain fufu, eba (yuca balls), white rice, pounded yam, organic vegetable medley, peanut butter stew, vegan beef suya, organic collard greens & kale, vegan egusi, halal goat meat stew, halal beef stew, and egusi. Voila Afrique also offers catering services.

Key Deal Facts

Voila Afrique has been featured in Eater Magazine as one of the best West African restaurants in Manhattan., Established in 2020 on the cusp of the 2019 pandemic, Voila Afrique remains determined to stay open and contribute to the local economy, Voila Afrique's revenue has been growing exponentially: In 2022, revenue grew by 56% from 2021!, The business has had a profitable 2023 to date and expects to reach their revenue target of nearly 1 million dollars by the end of the year.

Amount Raised : $10,200
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