Online platform that helps couples get divorced without the cost, time and conflict of attorneys

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December 17, 2022
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December 06, 2022
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The ProblemThe way people get divorced has barely changed in hundreds of years. Spouses hire opposing attorneys, who have incentives to stoke conflict and drag out the process. There's been little to no innovation, and almost everything is analog.It's not surprising divorce is expensive, time consuming and painful. An Ohio State University study found that divorce destroys on average 77% of a family’s wealth. Research shows that divorce is the 2nd most stressful life event, after the death of a spouse.The ChallengeWhy hasn't there been significant disruption of this $25B market?The challenge is getting two people, under trying circumstances, to reach an agreement. Working out relational disputes - like what to do with the family home or deciding on child custody schedules - has not been the focus of dispute resolution technology. Until now.The SolutionBlissDivorce's patent-pending Digital Divorce Mediation™ technology helps couples resolve relational disputes without the involvement of human mediators or attorneys. This gives BlissDivorce the ability to compete directly with attorneys for the lion's share of the divorce market.TractionWe believe the results from our pilot in California are outstanding. A beta of our technology resolved disputes in 59% of cases, with the remaining requiring just 1-6 hours of mediation. We also succeeded in cutting the time & cost of divorce by >80%. We just launched an updated version of our platform and plan to grow in California, followed by planned expansion into other states.A MissionWe are on a mission to not only build a large, sustainable business, but also save families from the devastating impact of the current system of divorce.And that's just the beginning. After divorce we plan to target other legal verticals, bringing the benefits of Relational Dispute Resolution™ to  more markets and more people.


$10K+ investment - Personal tour/walkthrough of BlissDivorce platform and dispute resolution technology by CEO Scott Seidewitz

$50K+ investment - Dinner out in Vegas with CEO Scott Seidewitz (transportation to Vegas not included)

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Key Deal Facts

Patent-pending Digital Divorce Mediation™ technology can resolve contentious disputes without attorneys or other human involvement. Beta version of platform resolved disputes in 59% of cases without the need for mediation, and has been used in divorces with up to $2.3M in assets.

Platform cut divorce cost and time by over 80% with 58 paid pilot users compared to industry average and reduced conflict and emotional trauma, allowing families to move on.

Invested in user experience and engineering to develop user-friendly, end-to-end online platform that guides users through the process and handles all areas of divorce, including division of assets, child custody, support and dispute resolution.

Seasoned, mission-led founders with leadership experience at LegalZoom, Intuit, Intel, P&G and multiple startups, that have collectively helped generate hundreds of millions in revenue for new and existing ventures.

Divorce is a $25B market with high customer dissatisfaction and limited innovation in 200+ years. The industry is fragmented with 77K divorce attorneys and no major players to defend the space.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Randall Kessler
Advisor, Advisor, fmr Chair, Family Law Section of Am. Bar Assn; analyst, CNN, CourtTV

Leah Wing
Advisor, ODR Expert; Director, Nat'l Ctr for Technology & Dispute Resolution

Jin Ho Verdonschot
Advisor, ORD Expert; Expert in Int'l justice system, UI
Amount Raised : $416,245
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