Tapped Mill Creek

Tapped Mill Creek is seeking investment
to open our new Taproom in Mill Creek, WA.

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Revenue Sharing
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Expected Close Date
February 03, 2023
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December 31st, 2028
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Company Description

Be proactive, be productive, and be present. Our goal is to identify and develop top talent and create cohesive, dynamic, high preforming teams. In order to accomplish this we are extremely focused on being an employer of choice. Whether it is our secret Santa program, birthday cards the team looks forward to, the generous meal policy, yearly team member appreciation days, or allowing them to make decisions using good judgement on their own to solve guest issues, the team seems to just plain enjoy working with each other and for Tapped.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Sean Drought
Founder & CEO
Sean is a career restauranteur who has extensive management and operational experience with national and regional restaurant firms such as Brinker International, PF Changs, Waterloo Restaurant Ventures, Nordstrom and Moctezumas. Sean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development.

Brian Radford
Founder & COO

Brian has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industries his entire career. His experience includes regional management at Starbucks, general management of six Nordstrom Café locations and general management of Fare Start. Brian has led the organizations operations and is managing day to day operations at Tapped Camano.

Ivo Shilbach
Founder & CFO
Ivo’s professional experience is in finance and investment management. He holds an MBA from Foster School at the University of Washington and has been in the financial services industry since 2003.
Amount Raised : $204,900
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