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Energy, Mixed Digital/Non-Digital, Mixed B2B/B2C
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January 22, 2023
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There is a global need for clean, affordable and secure energy. The global energy market is currently sized at $6 trillion, and energy demand is expected to grow by one-third by 2040. The world still sources 87% of its energy from fossil fuels.

Many of the environmental problems the world faces today—including climate change, ocean acidification, droughts, extreme weather, carbon emissions, and air pollution—are all a direct result of our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Currently, 40% of the world’s population live in water-stressed regions. This number is expected to increase to 50% by 2025, with 1.8 billion people living with absolute water scarcity. The world population is expected to grow from 7.9 billion in 2022 to 9.9 billion in 2050, adding tremendous risks of water stress.

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Key Deal Facts

Backed by Techstars, Shell Startup Engine, AWS Clean Energy, $57 million commitment from an institutional investor for an IPO, 3 Granted patents and 3 innovative solutions - Energy and Water, Generating revenues from QuenchSea $600,000 plus to date*
Amount Raised : £659,312
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