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January 09, 2023
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April 10, 2023
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Company Description

Veebot Systems has developed an autonomous, image-guided robotic needle insertion system to revolutionize vascular access–taking the guesswork out of one of the world’s most common medical procedures. Our patented technology is designed to eliminate painful failed needle sticks and enable healthcare providers to deliver the highest standard of care – from blood draws to IV catheter insertion to vaccine delivery – we believe the future of needle insertion is here.

Key Deal Facts

Industry Need: Veebot Systems is pioneering an automated solution to IV needle insertion, a gateway medical procedure performed over 1 billion times every year. While this procedure happens in virtually every medical facility, it is traditionally difficult for medical staff and costly for medical facilities, with ¼ attempts failing.*

Breakthrough Patented Technology & Working Prototype: We hold 4 U.S. and 1 European patent for our robotic needle insertion technology, with additional patents pending. Our working prototype has successfully obtained IV access on a wide array of subjects with different body and skin types, including traditionally difficult profiles for needle insertion. We are currently preparing to conduct a series of clinical trials.

Huge Market Potential: Our image-guided needle insertion system has many different applications in the healthcare space, from blood draw to IV insertion, catheter placement, vaccine delivery, and biopsies – creating an enormous opportunity for our company to provide value to the healthcare industry.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

William HauglandChief Executive Officer, PresidentWill Haugland is the CEO and cofounder of Veebot Systems. Before becoming CEO, Will was the Lead Computer Vision Engineer and was responsible for development of the algorithms related to computer vision. Will worked on the development of algorithms used to identify and track vessels in real time using medical images. Will later contributed to the overall development process and worked to improve the overall function and reliability of the products being developed by Veebot Systems. Prior to joining the Veebot Systems team Will earned his masters degree at the University of Bergen in Applied and Computational Mathematics with an emphasis on medical imaging. Will earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Miami in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in mathematics before working on his masters. 
Richard HarrisCo-founder, Treasurer, Board MemberRichard Harris is a Mechanical Engineer by training. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then from Stanford with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Richard started his career as a Systems Engineer for Seaview Research, and grew to become CTO and member of the Board. Shortly after the sale of Seaview Research to Quotient Sciences, Richard founded American Standard Value Inc, where he began purchasing and overseeing the operation of swimming pool service businesses. After four acquisitions and a merger agreement, the company sold to Atlantic Street Capital in 2021. Richard has also worked as a Software Engineer for Neocis Inc, a dental robotics company based out of Miami, Florida. He is an avid value investor and loves tennis and computer programming.
Stuart HarrisCo-founder, Board Member, SecretaryStuart Harris is an got his MD and PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from Duke University. After briefly working at the NIH, Stuart became the Medical Director for SFBC, a Phase I CRO in Miami, Florida. Stuart later founded Seaview Research, and where he served as President and Medical Director for over 22 years before selling the busienss to Quotient Sciences. Stuart is a lifetime entrepreneur, being the cofounder of Pollo Tropical in 1988 which sold for $90MM to Carrols Corporation in 1998, and early investor in Vector Products, a designer of portable power products, which sold to Black and Decker in 2006 for $160MM.,
Amount Raised : $56,356
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