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Coastal Roots is seeking investment
to open a social equity owned, cannabis product manufacturing facility in Middleborough, Ma.

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Revenue Sharing
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March 03, 2023
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December 31st, 2027
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Company Description

Coastal Roots was originally created as an herbal apothecary in 2018, focussed on providing herbal, loose-leaf tea that garnered the trust and support of the local community. As cannabis enthusiasts, we took the pandemic as an opportunity to pivot and rebrand the apothecary into a cannabis company.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Brandon Lynch
Founder - Operations Manager
Brandon Lynch owns and operates an audio engineer business out of his in-home music studio along the South River of coastal Massachusetts called Coastal Roots Sessions. He has over 10+ years of experience working in the music industry as an audio engineer and a musician. He is a singer, song-writer and guitarist for the reggae-rock band, Buddahfly. His band has traveled across New England, sharing the stage with big name artists such as Freddy McGregor, EN Young, Kabaka Pyramid, The Expendables, Roots of Creation, and The Elevators.

Brandon has spent nearly half of his life advocating for the cannabis plant. From discovering the medicinal effects of cannabis after a high school knee surgery and loosing his Father in college to an alcohol addiction, he has been on a mission ever since to spread the incredible benefits of cannabis and to end the stigma behind its users. He studied Entrepreneurship and Business Management at Curry College and received a Certificate in Cannabis Studies from University of Rhode Island which laid the very foundation to build his mission upon.

Brandon spent time living in California, studying the states cannabis business model before legalization took place in Massachusetts. He was able to gain direct, hands-on-experience with master growers and product manufacturers. Upon legalization in Massachusetts, he launched his own successful caregiver service providing robust education to licensed medical patients. These opportunities lead to invaluable relationships that have proved to be incredibly beneficial in the development and launch of Coastal Roots, LLC.

Prior to Coastal Roots, LLC, Brandon was a part of the launch team for a Boston-based CBD company called Boston Green Health. This is when Brandon and Samantha simultaneously launched their small-scale herbal tea apothecary. Brandon spear-headed marketing and sales, managing customer accounts for each company and began making his initial entry into the Massachusetts legal market through cannabis sponsorship events, festivals and markets around the state.

These successful ventures instilled strong skillsets in marketing and sales, inventory oversight, and customer relationships. He has developed a strong network, keen sense of changing markets and what it takes to create a successful business. His experiences without a doubt will serve him in making a mark on the Massachusetts cannabis industry.

Samantha Lynch
Founder - Product Development / Marketing
Samantha Lynch is a passionate entrepreneur who has found herself at the epicenter of the health + wellness sector of her communities since college. She has over 10+ years of studying both eastern + western herbalism. Her studies lead her to co-found the first Herbal Approach to Women's Health club on UMASS Amherst campus. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Bridgewater State University in Health Studies where she excelled in courses such as Program Planning/Community Impact and Health Promotion & Strategies.

Sam spent her early years post-graduation working in Northern California, gaining an inside look into the infamous California cannabis culture. She worked directly on the cannabis farms and facilities where she learned a deep appreciation, knowledge and the devotion necessary to successfully cultivate and manufacture quality cannabis. It was during this time that Sam not only garnered unparalleled experience and knowledge about the cannabis plant but she also developed a strong industry network.

When she returned to the South Shore of Massachusetts, she shortly after met her now husband, Brandon while she was working at a local, herbal skin-care company. Sam helped scale this small, family-run business while developing skillsets in

Marketing/Sales (expanding the product line into Newbury Street Salons in Boston, setting record sales at Copley Square Markets and successfully managing wholesale accounts)

Inventory/Production Management (product inventory management, whole sale ingredient orders, overseeing employee production operations)

Employee Training

Product Development (harvesting plants, infusing products, developing new products)

Sam has spent the last 6 years operating her own private wellness practice, creating nature-based, mentorship programs for teenage girls. This quickly became a cherished asset to the community, directly impacting over 50 families from all over the South & North Shore of Massachusetts. She developed extensive curriculums based on the changing needs of her students and families, implemented successful fundraising + community service events and worked in collaboration with various leaders in the area.

With extensive experience in entrepreneurship, community engagement and health/wellness, Sam has a unique angle that she brings to Coastal Roots, LLC. She has a sharp, intuitive sense for market needs, personable communication skills and the ability to bring visions into fruition through sheer determination, utilizing the resources available to her. These skills have been refined over the years and will serve Coastal Roots in creating not just another "cannabis brand" but an entire movement that is taking root in the heart of the South Shore.
Amount Raised : $58,100
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