Biopact Cellular Transport

Biopact Cellular Transport

Biopact’s Technology Can Transport Molecules Into The Cell More Safely And More Effectively Than Any Other Delivery Mechanism. Biopact has developed a breakthrough intracellular delivery vehicle called MGMR. MGMR can transport next-generation cellular medicines more safely, and effectively than anything available today. Its unique composition is a major reason why this is possible. MGMR has an ultra high surface-to-volume ratio that enables it to carry molecules other delivery methods cannot, including gene-editing materials, drugs, and enzymes. MGMR is a universal transport system. Unlike...

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Austin, TX

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February 11, 2020
June 10, 2020
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Price per Share: $1.55

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General Marketing and Advertising, Leasing Costs, Repayment of Outstanding Indebtedness, and General Working Capital


Kurt Swogger - CEO, Founder
Randy Kinsel - President
Milos Marinkovic - Director of Technology
Tena Jamieson - Chief Operation Officer

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Key Deal Facts

Founded by former Dow Chemical VP, who was responsible for generating over $30 billion worth of value for Dow and built its largest profit generator.
Pioneering a patented intracellular technology that reduces the cost of new cancer-fighting therapies like CAR-T by up to 50% — cutting prices by hundreds of thousands of dollars and enabling more patients to access these highly promising (and potentially life-saving) treatments.
Has the potential to dramatically decrease the development time of next generation cellular therapies, getting them into the hands of patients faster.
Major market opportunity. This technology has the potential to be instrumental in helping cell-based therapies fight many diseases including cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.