Personalizing nutrition products & technology to help you build a better you.

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Min Investment
Portland, OR
Offering Date
May 30, 2020
Expected Close Date
August 28, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

20.0% discount

$25K+ pro rata right threshold

Company Description

Takezō is dedicated to your comprehensive wellness and personal performance. We offer personalized & ready-made premium supplements, designed to help you function at your best. To help you achieve your mission, we provide personal performance technology, and the support of a like minded Tribe. Our mantra is “For you – By Us” Equip FIT has roughly 87 billion potential ingredient combinations, and hope to grow that to a few trillion. Our RTM includes Focus, Energy, Rest, & Revive


$250+ for 10% lifetime discount on non-sale items, access to quarterly Team Takezo web happy hours.
$500+ All $250 perks + free GenoLyticsTM reports ($50 value. You must have 23&Me or Ancestry DNA test results), & opportunities to participate in new product R&D.
$1,000+ All $250 + $500 Perks + your first 32 serving Focus is on us ($80 value), early bird access to pre-released products.
$2,500+ All $250, $500, and $1,000 perks + an additional 5% (15%) off full priced items, and three month subscription of Takezo Focus ($240 value).
$5,000+ All $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,500 perks + 6 month subscription of Takezo Focus ($480 value).
$10,000+ All $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,500 perks + an additional 5% (20%) off full priced items, and a 12 month subscription of Takezo Focus, plus quarterly business review stakeholder web conference.

Key Deal Facts

Changing the paradigm of “im-personal” nutrition.
Global Personalized Nutrition|Wellness market set to reach $130B in next 5years.
$67.1B Total Addressable Market with a CAGR of 7.86%.
Team from: FabFitFun, Guthy Renker, Slalom, Deloitte, Men's Fitness, ESCO, OceanX, Ycombinator.
Board of Directors & Advisors from Pacific Seafood, Nike, & Kellogg’s
Recession resilient with 65% of the unemployed taking supplements
Health & Wellness has been thrust into the front of consumers minds
Omnichannel: D2C/Retail Partnerships including 3rd largest online sports nutrition company.

Use of Proceeds

If $50,000 is raised:

60% Business development & revenue generation in the form of market research and direct advertising program and a launch of sales for our DNA-based health and nutrition reports, and pre-sales of Takezō Focus. 25% Technology platform development in the form of initial system integration programming to enable launch of Takezo Equip. 8.5% Business operations. 6.5% WeFunder fee.

If $350,000 is raised:

40% Brand development marketing and direct advertising to launch and grow sales of first personalized FIT product and purchase inventory for Focus sales launch & pre-ordered product fulfillment. 40% Technology platform development further bot development, implement CRM, ERP and fulfillment systems. 13.5% Business operations and talent acquisition. 6.5% WeFunder fee.

If $750,000 is raised:

36% Further Brand development marketing and direct advertising to grow subscription sales of Equip FIT and purchase inventory to expand Functional product line sales with Energy and Rest sales launch. 48% Expanded build-out of technology platform to enhance machine learning and AI capability. 9.5% Business operations and talent acquisition. 6.5% WeFunder fee.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Reid A Block
Co-founder / CEO
Conceptualized, developed, and exited the nations first private off-road motorsports adventure park called Paragon Adventure Park.

Andrew Johnston
Co-founder / COO
MBA & seasoned business operator. Prior to co-founding Takezo LLC, 15 yrs. building boutique consulting practice to high-growth/closely held companies. Finance and supply chain acumen honed from 12 yrs. with Exxon, Agrium, Esco and Deloitte.

Patrick Connors
Co-founder / CRO
Turned around Men's Health to a lifestyle focus, and helped build FabFitFun's sales and marketing team.

Deal Notes

20.0% discount

$25K+ pro rata right threshold

Amount Raised : $16,550
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