Ghost Flower

Ghost Flower

World's only activewear with the body's energy network woven in.

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Preferred Stock
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Houston, TX
Offering Date
June 17, 2020
Expected Close Date
September 15, 2020
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$0.63 per share

$25K+ pro rata right threshold


Company Description

We design, manufacture, and sell high-end women's activewear that flatters all body shapes while offering a deeper purpose of self-healing and revitalization. We are the world's only activewear with the body's energy network and acupressure points woven into the designs. This serves as a self-care guide for women's health and wellness.


$500+ for One pair of seamless leggings and a $50 gift certificate
$1,000+ One complete seamless outfit. Two FREE virtual sessions on how to optimize the secrets woven into our clothing.
$5,000+ Two complete seamless outfits. Two FREE virtual sessions. A signed copy of our Chief Scientists best seller, The Unchartered Body, and an invitation to a Ghost Flower photoshoot in LA + lunch with the GF Founders.
$10,000+ Three complete seamless outfits. Two free virtual sessions. A signed copy of the Unchartered Body. An invitation to the next Ghost Flower photo shoot in LA, including lunch with the Ghost Flower Founders.
$25,000+ A seamless outfit for each of the Elements from our Ghost Flower Treasure Chest. Two FREE virtual sessions from a GF Co-Founder. A signed copy of Ghost Flower's Chief Scientist's recent bestseller, "The Uncharted Body". An invitation to the next Ghost Flower photo shoot in LA, including lunch with the Ghost Flower Founders. A night at the Ojai Valley Inn in Ojai California including a personal yoga instruction from a Ghost Flower Co-Founder.

Key Deal Facts

Online YoY growth of over 170% in 2020, even during the pandemic.
Founders personally invested over $1.6M in contributed capital for R&D, design, production and launch.
First strategic co-brand with Suzanne Somers Inc., finalized April 2020.
Unique, innovative women's activewear in a $398B market that's growing at 6.8% CAGR.
High customer satisfaction: 82% of reviews are 5-star.
Featured in Vogue, Shape, Goop, Thrive Global, and the cover of Oxygen magazine.
First Series Seed Round of $203K closed in November 2019, with a post valuation of $750,000.

Use of Proceeds

If $50,001 is raised:

20% to design for fall/winter collection, 25% for Digital Marketing, 7.5% for Wefunder Fees, and 47.5% for working capital for day to day operations. 

If $400,000 is raised:

20% Fall/Winter inventory Build, 10% contract fitting and production mgmt. 6% Summer/Spring collection design and 15% production. 7.5% for Wefunder, 10% for digital marketing, 15% for bringing core team to full time salaries, and 16.5% working capital   

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Susan Peebler
Founder, CEO
An accomplished geophysicist who switched careers to follow her passion for building a reimagined activewear company. It was her vision to create activewear that would integrate eastern and western medicine within the designs.

Robert Peebler
Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
Strong Executive experience including CEO of two small cap publicly traded companies (nasdaq, NYSE), plus a serial entrepreneur with hands-on experience building and investing in both B2B and B2C consumer businesses.

Bonnie Crotzer
Co-Founder, Business Development Manager, NY
An expert in dance, resistive stretching and yoga. She has been active in all aspects of the business. Bon has been a hands-on co-founder who has helped shape the vision, co-created the Ghost Flower yoga practice, and runs our social media platform.

Kaita Mrazek
Co-Founder, Advisor
An expert in movement, pilates, dance, and yoga, she co-created the Ghost Flower yoga practice and teaches Ghost Flower classes in Santa Barbara. She created the ambassador program, and created original content for emails and social media platforms.

Dr. Daniel Keown MCEM, MBChB, Lic. Ac.
Chief Scientist
A practicing doctor, emergency physician, and acupuncturist. He is a best selling author, bridging the divide between Western and Eastern medicine with his two books, "The Spark in the Machine", and "The Uncharted Body".

Tali Rechnitz
Production Manager
Manages production of clothing, trim and packaging manufacturers as well as assisting in inventory management and other operational support roles.

Ulises Mancia
Pattern and Fit Specialist
Master problem solver and pattern maker; created all of Ghost Flower's pattern blocks.

Violet Somers
Winner, Young designer of the year. Responsible for innovative new designs which will be launched in 2021.

Danielle Pierre
Marketing Executive, Marketing 360
Manager for all of Ghost Flower Digital Marketing programs coordinating efforts between company staff and Marketing 360 team

Deal Notes

$0.63 per share

$25K+ pro rata right threshold

Amount Raised : $0
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