VasoGnosis Inc.

VasoGnosis Inc.

AI-powered diagnostic and surgical planning software platform

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Crowd Note
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Milwaukee, WI
Offering Date
June 22, 2020
Expected Close Date
August 14, 2020
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Round type: Seed Round size: US $600,000 Minimum investment: US $1,000 Target Minimum: US $500,000 Security Type: Crowd Note Conversion discount: 20.0% Interest rate: 5.0% Note term: 24 months

Company Description

AI-powered diagnostic and surgical planning software platformToday, 150M+ people are suffering from a brain aneurysm globally. Each year 500K people die because of strokes which, in most cases, are caused by aneurysm. VasoGnosis's mission is to save brains – so people can keep living independently. Our AI-powered diagnostic and surgical planning software as a service (SaaS) for cerebrovascular diseases, helps neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologists make data-driven decisions. VasoGnosis's predictive analytics powered by Big-Data will substantiate the need for life-dependent surgeries that would otherwise be unsupported. To demonstrate clinical relevance and establish commercial relationships, VasoGnosis has entered functional agreements with medical institutions like UMass Memorial and Medical College of Wisconsin.VasoGnosis artificial intelligence algorithms are trained to extract vasculature information from medical images to detect abnormalities. Once an anomaly is found, the algorithm identifies the diseases and shows its location. Our system provides three-dimensional measurements in a customizable radiology report format. After the accurate measurement, our software performs a detailed analysis that determines the necessity of surgical operation. When the surgery is verified by the surgeon, VasoGnosis's surgical planning tool enables surgeons to rehearse the surgery via a blood flow simulator and evaluate patient outcomes.VasoGnosis's SaaS platform is built to provide detection and surgical planning solutions for all cerebrovascular diseases. We started with brain aneurysm, but, we don't intend to stop there. VasoGnosis's business models is a combination of subscription and pay per use:Hospitals will be charged an average annual fee of $50,000 for unlimited use of detection platform.There will be an extra $2,000 charge for each surgical planning case.

Key Deal Facts

Provisional patent submitted for our A.I. platform for aneurysm detection and analysis.
Entered license and project agreements with Medical College of Wisconsin and UMass Memorial for validation trial and pilot program.
Investors include Health Wildcatters and GPG Ventures.
Advisors include Alexander Kempe, former CFO of GE Healthcare and Nima Aghaeepour, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine.
VasoGnosis has been accepted into NVIDIA Inception program which nurtures cutting-edge AI startups who are revolutionizing industries. This virtual accelerator offers go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, exclusive Inception events, preferred pricing on hardware, and more.

Use of Proceeds

Research & Development, Regulation Filing

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ali Bakhshinejad
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ali holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA. He is passionate about fluid dynamics and machine learning with applications to healthcare and blood flow models.Prior to Ali founding VasoGnosis in 2019, he was a postdoc researcher at the neurosurgery department of Medical College of Wisconsin performing research on brain aneurysm. Before immigrating to the USA in 2014, Ali founded two other IT companies. 

Pedram Ghamisi
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Pedram Ghamisi, a senior member of IEEE, graduated with a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Iceland in 2015. He works as the head of the machine learning group at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), Germany and as the CTO and co-founder of VasoGnosis Inc, USA. He is also the co-chair of IEEE Image Analysis and Data Fusion Committee. Dr. Ghamisi has won several awards mostly on the topics of machine (deep) learning and multi-sensor data fusion and his papers have been frequently recognized as the most popular ones published by IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing journals. For detailed info, please see

Sundeep Mangla
Chief Medical Officer
Sundeep Mangla, M.D., is a Clinical and Research Expert in Interventional Neuroradiology and Endovascular Neurosurgery, focusing on advancing diagnosis and treatment of complex cerebrovascular diseases. After completing his training at NEOMED, USC, Yale, and University of Iowa (1992-2000), Dr. Mangla has served as attending faculty at Columbia, Cornell, SUNY, NYU, and Mount Sinai in New York having performed several thousand neurovascular interventions for brain aneurysms, ischemic, and hemorrhagic stroke from 2000-2020. Dr. Mangla has extensive record of peer-reviewed publications, international presentations of original basic science and clinical research (Neuroimaging, Stroke Intervention, Aneurysm Therapy), clinical trials (ARUBA, MERCI, TEAM), and novel biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic tool development and testing (Animal Models, Brain Hypothermia, Ischemic Stroke Imaging, Nano-engineering) for management of cerebrovascular disease patients. He has extensive experience collaborating with the medical device industry, developing and testing new products, and joined the Vasognosis team as CMO in 2019.

Alexa Miller
Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer
Alexa is a multi-talented engineer with experience in software, hardware, fluid dynamics, and rapid physical prototyping. She received her degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and has a further 10 years of experience with coding and data analysis. She thrives on large solution-spaces and fast-paced development environments, and excels at creating minimum viable products to test out new ideas.

Deal Notes

Round type: Seed Round size: US $600,000 Minimum investment: US $1,000 Target Minimum: US $500,000 Security Type: Crowd Note Conversion discount: 20.0% Interest rate: 5.0% Note term: 24 months

Amount Raised : $114,531
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