Strengths, Inc.

Strengths, Inc.

All-In-One Coaching Platform

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Provo, UT
Offering Date
June 24, 2020
Expected Close Date
September 24, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

$0.75 per share

Security Name:  Class A Common Stock


Company Description

Soar, presented by Strengths, Inc, helps you thrive with our AI-powered COACHING and SMARTAUDIO platforms. Our platforms make it easier than ever to connect with the right people and information to continue developing throughout your life. Connect instantly with one of thousands of certified coaches to become a better leader, accelerate your career, enrich your family, or enhance your wellbeing; or let our AI SmartAudio platform stream the right insight to help with your specific growth and goals - in a totally hands free voice-activated setting.


$500+ (Tier 1 perk - Soar branded notebook)
$1,000 (Tier 2 perk - Soar notebook plus 1 year subscription to Coach Platform + SmartAudio Platform)
$5,000+ (Tier 3 perk - 5% bonus shares)
$10,000+ (Tier 4 perk - earlier perks plus 1 individual coaching session, a $250 value)
$25,000+ (Tier 5 perk - 4 coaching sessions, a $1,000 value + 10% bonus shares)
$50,000+ (Tier 6 perk - Team Coaching session a $5,000 value + 15% bonus shares)
*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Key Deal Facts

CEO Paul Allen, founder and former CEO of, has founded multiple platforms, which have each attracted tens of millions of users.
Soar 2019 sales bookings were $930K from pilot customers, prior to 2020 platform launches.
The global smart education and learning market size was valued at USD $182.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.9% from 2020 to 2027.

Use of Proceeds

Research & Development: 40%

Marketing: 30 - 40%

Operations: 16.5 - 26.5%

StartEngine Platform Fees: 3.5%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Paul Allen
Founder and CEO
Paul Allen has founded eight companies during more than two decades as a tech entrepreneur. His first company was Infobases, a CD ROM publishing company known for its religious and educational content. This electronic content publishing business led directly to his next company,, which he co-founded in 1997. Paul devised Ancestry’s content subscription business model. He also pioneered many of the internet marketing channels that Ancestry has used to become one of Utah’s most valuable companies. In 2007 he founded FamilyLink, whose Facebook apps for families “went viral” and attracted more than 120 million users by 2010. From 2012-2017, Paul lived in Washington D.C. where he worked for Gallup and oversaw the “global strengths movement” based on the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. His latest company, Strengths, Inc., is partnering with Gallup to go beyond the 16 million people who have discovered their strengths, and reach many more people throughout the world.

Paul taught entrepreneurship for two years at Utah Valley University and internet marketing for two years at BYU. He was an Ernst & Young Utah Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000, and the MarketingSherpa national Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. He is a fellow of the Utah Genealogical Association, and was named a Cyber Pioneer in 2010 by the Cyber Law Section of the Utah State Bar. He was the honored alumnus of the BYU Humanities College in 2016, having graduated in 1990 with a BA in Russian. Paul and his wife Christy live in Provo. They have eight children and four grandchildren.

Clint Carlos
Co-founder, President- AI & Voice
Soar Co-Founder and President of Soar SmartAudio, Clint Carlos is a serial tech entrepreneur with multiple successful exits from HR Technology related SaaS companies. Carlos spent 6 years in workplace strategy consulting at Gallup where he became the firm’s youngest Partner, with global accountability for client engagements at Google, Facebook, P&G, Kraft, Waste Management, and went on to lead several key innovation initiatives.

Brandon Dickson
Finance Director
Brandon is a finance leader with a strong track record of raising capital at three different hyper-growth companies:, NetDocuments, and Vivint. He has experience in all areas of finance including investor relations, reporting, mergers and acquistions, and helping to raise series B through E.

Peter Haws
President/COO Coaching
Peter has been brought in to companies to take sluggish sales and knock them out of the park. A brilliant strategist, accomplished trainer, and next-level salesman, he has been able to pull bottom lines out of the red and into the black at blinding speeds. Peter leads our Coaching Platform.

Christen Allen
Board Member
Christen is an experienced director/performer trained in Musical Theater, Voice, Piano and Choral Conducting. Strong life coach professional graduated from Gallup Strengths Coach. She's also the secret to Paul Allen's success.

Brent Israelsen
Board Member
Mr. Israelsen is an experienced attorney and businessman with deep roots in the practice of law, business, innovation, technology, education and the Internet. He is well known for his leadership in transforming the practice of law to embrace the realities of technology innovation and has championed the use of technology and law to enable individuals, entities, and ecosystems to participate in the global economy.

Mr. Israelsen was President of the Utah Chapter of Maverick Angels. Later, as co-founder of GEDIH, Inc., Mr. Israelsen, works directly with innovative companies to prepare and help them raise money on a global basis from different sources to match their strategic goals and objectives. Mr. Israelsen also works with investors of different capacities and interests on a global basis to fund innovation.

Richard Stauffer
Chief Architect
Paul Allen hired Richard as the first software engineer at Ancestry. He and Paul have worked together several times over the years. Richard is exceptional at quickly turning ideas into code. Richard leads all of our backend development.

Mark Tucker
Senior Architect - Voice
Mark Tucker is an Alexa Champion and Bixby Premier Developer and currently the Senior Architect - Voice Technology at He is a software developer and architect with 25 years experience and started his voice-tech journey in 2016 when there were only 4,000 skills in the Alexa Skills Store. He has worked at 2 startups creating innovative voice experiences for customers and finds time to create his own Alexa Skills and Bixby Capsules.

Deal Notes

$0.75 per share

Security Name:  Class A Common Stock

Amount Raised : $267,847
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