Como Audio, Inc

Como Audio, Inc

Hellbent on building high-quality music systems on Main Street USA ??

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Min Investment
Boston, MA
Offering Date
June 25, 2020
Expected Close Date
September 24, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

$1.25 per share


Company Description

Como Audio is a consumer electronics company that makes sophisticated music systems that do not require a connection to a cellphone or other device. It was founded by serial entrepreneur and Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame Member, Tom DeVesto, a visionary in the industry for decades, and never one to shy away from going against the grain. With this raise, Como Audio looks to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA.


Minimum $400 Investment: 20% off a one-time purchase of Como Audio music systems*
Minimum $1,000 Investment: Receive 10% bonus shares and
25% off a one-time purchase of Como Audio music systems*
Minimum $2,000 Investment: Receive 15% bonus shares and
30% off a one-time purchase of Como Audio music systems*
Minimum of $5,000 Investment: Receive 18% bonus shares and
35% off a one-time purchase of Como Audio music systems*
Minimum of $10,000 Investment: Receive 20% bonus shares and 35% off a one-time purchase of Como Audio music systems*
Minimum of $50,000 Investment: Receive 25% bonus shares and 40% off a one-time purchase of Como Audio music systems*

Key Deal Facts

Tom DeVesto, Creator and Founder of Como Audio, has led some of the most recognizable brands in the consumer electronics business. From Kloss Video, and Cambridge SoundWorks to Tivoli Audio, Tom has been on the leading edge of innovation, design and production. Over his 40+ year career, he has successfully sold or brought companies public on the NASDAQ, established US manufacturing all while producing high-quality, high-value and highly acclaimed products.
The United States is overly dependent on foreign manufacturing and in deep need of high-paying jobs
The smart speaker market is thriving — with 53M US adults owning at least one smart speaker

Use of Proceeds

Operations: 0 - 50%

Company Employment: 0 - 21.5%

Marketing: 25%

Research & Development: 0 - 25%

Inventory: 0 -46.5%

StartEngine Platform Fees: 3.5%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Thomas DeVesto
Como Audio Founder/Designer/CEO
Audio Hall of Fame Designer. Founder/CEO of Cambridge Soundworks and Tivoli Audio (both acq.).

Bob Brown
Director / Consultant
Experienced Founder & Exec skilled in Financial Management, Restructuring, Market Dev. (contractor). Bob consults for the company approximately one hour a week.

Peter Skiera
General Manager
20+ years in audio including Cambridge SoundWorks, B&W/Rotel, and formerly a Senior PM at Tivoli Audio. Current General Manager of the office and staff at Como Audio, Inc.

Duncan Pool
International Marketing Consultant
14+ years experience in audio business. Formerly in same role at Tivoli Audio. (contractor). Duncan currently runs Cabin7even and works approximately 20 hours a week consulting on international marketing for Como Audio.

Angela Hahn
Graduate of Princeton University with decades of small business experience.

Ilaria Marelli
Design Consultant
Won prestigious Donna Milano Award. Professor at Como University and Milan Polytechnic Institute (contractor). Under her own company, Ilaria Marelli Design, she has consulted with Tom DeVesto and art directed the appearance of Como Audio music systems. She works for the company approximately one hour a week.

PJ Vecchiarelli
Digital and Social Media Coordinator
Skilled in Marketing, Social Media, Event Management, Publicity Tours, Media Strategy

Paolo Cavadini
International Key Account Contractor
10+ years in consumer electronics marketplace specializing in EU, Middle East, Asia. (contractor). Paolo works approximately 20 hours a week for Como Audio, connecting the business to key sales accounts in Europe.

Deborah Lilley
Senior Accountant with public accounting background skilled in financial reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley 404 and COSO Framework. She works in-house as Como Audio's controller.

Bryce Dort
Technical Support Specialist
Experienced, diligent audio professional with a passion for many aspects of the audio industry.

Nicholas Dussault
Technical Support Specialist
Studio Supervisor I Freelance Audio Engineer | Producer | Musician

Michael Cronin
Director / Consultant
Michael is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Weston Presidio Partners. Michael is currently on the Board of Directors of DISYS, capital Group, Xenon Arc, and dataCon in addition to Como Audio, Inc. He is Chairman of Harvard Student Agencies, a Director of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Treasurer of the Harvard Club of Boston and a Trustee of Loeb Classical Library.
Michael consults for the company approximately one hour a week.

Deal Notes

$1.25 per share

Amount Raised : $249,121
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