SaaS platform for the animation, video game development, and the marketing industry

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Crowd Note
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July 15, 2020
Expected Close Date
October 13, 2020
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Deal Notes

Round type: Seed Round size: US $1,000,000 Minimum investment: US $1,000 Target Minimum: US $150,000 Security Type: Crowd Note Conversion discount: 20.0% Interest rate: 5.0% Note term: 24 months

Company Description

SaaS platform for the animation, video game development, and the marketing industryUNOMI is a SaaS platform for animators and video game developers. UNOMI leverages advanced voice recognition and motion capture technology that automates a lot of the most time-consuming aspects of animation production. Our voice recognition software understands human speech in multiple languages. This allows animators to easily create the speech of multiple 2D and 3D animated characters and, for some, UNOMI gives them the ability to create content on a daily basis. UNOMI’s motion capture software will give content creators the ability to easily track human movement within their home or studio, which will potentially eliminate the need to rent expensive motion capture studio space and equipment. Large-scale animation studios will be able to drastically reduce costs, allowing them to create more content in a significantly shorter amount of time. UNOMI will also be releasing an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, 3D object plugin for Adobe software, which will allow users to easily implement and animate 3D objects quickly. We believe each UNOMI software will be intuitive, which will eliminate a learning curve for most users.

Key Deal Facts

Selected as one of 25 companies (out of 1800 applications) to be a member of Backstage Capital's inaugural accelerator cohort and received an investment from their fund
Founder and CEO is an experienced entrepreneur who exited his first company, Nito Inc., to AOL and previously served as the Art Director at BET and motion designer for Nickelodeon
Proprietary voice recognition, lip-sync application technology that automatically syncs mouth poses to voice over recordings of each character, solving a common problem in the Animation Industry
Since launch, the Company has acquired its first few paying customers who are subscribed to use the product

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Obi Onyejekwe
Entrepreneur and product specialist with extensive experience building digital and entertainment companies. Raised over $900,000 on a revolutionary startup (Nito Inc.), which was acquired by AOL. Outstanding leader with a record of spearheading the development of high-end profitable products. Start-up Founder with experience raising capital and building qualified teams. Marketing specialist for large commercial and multi-media campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and major entertainment entities like Spike, Nickelodeon, and BET. Led and contributed to every aspect of product development, which resulted in increased revenue and traction of mobile and desktop applications. Adaptable, analytical, and articulate.

Arama Brown
Lead Software Engineer
For the past 6 years, Arama Brown has been helping businesses thrive by creatively and carefully architecting innovative software solutions. As a full stack software engineer, Arama is inspired by taking a creative approach to enable the best outcomes for clients. Arama’s foray into the tech world began after her curiosity led her to taking a series of Harvard online computer science courses . She went on to get a scholarship at a mobile engineering bootcamp and upon completion, she was mentored by a Senior IOS engineer at Google for years following. In 2015, Arama and her team placed in a hackathon by the International Women’s Media Foundation for building an application for tech students to find female mentors. Later that spring Arama participated in Nasa’s Space Apps Hackathon and she volunteered with Black Girls Who Code as an iOS engineer mentor. 

Llama D'Attore
Full Stack Developer
Llama has extensive knowledge in 3D software tools and has the ability to craft software experiences that are valuable to customers and profitable for companies.

Deal Notes

Round type: Seed Round size: US $1,000,000 Minimum investment: US $1,000 Target Minimum: US $150,000 Security Type: Crowd Note Conversion discount: 20.0% Interest rate: 5.0% Note term: 24 months

Amount Raised : $10,200
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