Barrana Corp

Barrana Corp

Our burgers sell our beer and our beer sells our burgers.

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Common Stock
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Surprise, AZ
Offering Date
July 16, 2020
Expected Close Date
October 16, 2020
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Company Description

Barrana Corp is a collective of breweries/restaurants known by State 48 Brewery, across Arizona. Each location has its own style and offerings, and is equipped with a brewhouse, brewpub and scratch kitchen that offer a wide variety of craft beers, ales and food. We’ve got something for everyone!

Key Deal Facts

Brewery’s sales for 2019 were $9 million for all restaurants, showing growth of 110% from 2018
Maxed out the capacity of their 10-barrel system in four locations, and looking to open the fifth this year
The market for craft beer is worth $29.3 billion and craft brewer sales continue to grow at a rate of 4% by volume, comprising 13.6% of the U.S. beer market

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mario Rana
President, CEO
Mario Rana started in the restaurant industry early on by being born into the business. After attending the School of the Streets Mario started his employment career as a union laborer working 9 years as a interior demolition expert in The World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. By 30 years old Mario's entrepreneurial drive took him back into the restaurant world where he started and owned a 20,000 square foot night club, live entertainment and restaurant in N.Y.C. In 1996 Mario moved his family to Arizona where he started construction companies, and recycling businesses. Mario built his construction and recycling company into the second largest private construction debri company in Arizona. " It's in your blood" The desire to get back into the restaurant business began in 2008 with the opening of Irish pubs, Italian Fine dining, sports bars and American comfort food restaurants. In 2016 Mario decided to venture into the Beer brewing industry. Today Mario along with his wife of 36 years and their sons run the family restaurant businesses, breweries and a bowling alley. Mario has combined his life experiences and knowledge by focusing his construction company on the build outs of start up restaurants and the remodeling and tenant improvements for other restaurant operators. As well as other residential and commercial projects.

Angela Rana
Secretary , CFO
After raising her four sons Angela entered the workforce as an assistant church administrator. After 2 years with Blessed Sacrament Church Angela joined her husband in building and operating the family businesses. Angela's strengths have always been in handling the finances of the companies as well as human resources. Angela has a strong culinary passion and has attended culinary school in Calabria , Italy. Angela has a strong eye for talent and has trained and developed the team members that have the most loyalty and longevity with the companies. Today Angela could run a company with as much ease as she could run a commercial kitchen, she has the confidence knowing that she has the experience and vast background and history to crossover into any hospitality industry as well as certain construction related businesses.
Amount Raised : $27,015
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